You Need To Think Thin

in Fat Loss

You Need To Think Thin Inorder To Be Thin

This time you are serious about achieving fast weight loss?

You’re heading out on a big trip, and you’ve glanced at the latest South Beach Diet book to see if this just might be the answer to your prayers.

Fast weight loss is achieveable, but so is long-term weight loss.

There’s nothing worse than losing 5 pounds, only to gain it back within 4 weeks. So how do you summon the focus to begin fast weight loss and the dedication to stick with it for the long-term?

Overcoming most challenges in life depend on having the right mental attitude, beliefs and motivation.

Here are 4 steps you can use to set the foundation for fast weight loss:

1. Understand Pain Versus Pleasure

Most behaviors in life occur either because we are trying to avoid pain or achieve pleasure.

In fact, our opinion of how painful or how pleasurable something is


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