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Yoga Exercises and Yoga Fitness for Better Physical and Mental Health


Yoga exercises and yoga training are some of the many yoga fitness goals programs that you can do on your own.

You can practice these yoga exercises in your own home as you strive to improve yourself physically and mentally, in your quest for improved fitness and overall improved quality of health, including weight loss goals that you have set for yourself.

Yoga conditioning and yoga exercise are basically enhanced body stretching exercises that you do in conjunction with proper breathing which improves your overall balance and coordination.

Just as there are varying yoga exercises and programs in general that are available that address various physical fitness regimens, thus too, there are various yoga conditioning and yoga training programs that address various levels of yoga, and skill strength level.
This website is not to suggest or recommend one particular yoga program or exercise regimen over the other.

I am a Health Educator by academics. You can read more here about me .

My point is not to recommend or suggest one specific yoga exercise or yoga conditioning program other than to inform you about the varying aspects of yoga exercises, and conditioning fitness levels of yoga which you need to be aware based upon interest, strength level and your overall smart goals and fitness objectives.

Yoga Breathing, Yoga Poses, and Meditation

Yoga Breathing:

One of the main components of Yoga is proper yoga breathing, which produces a huge storage of energy in the solar plexus area. This causes the body to radiate vitality and, if any sickness is developing, the body can call upon some of this energy reserve to combat the disease.

Yoga breathing also improves brain function (intelligence and memory), as well as increasing the elimination of toxins from the system. The total effect of Yoga breathing is to produce a state of high vitality and rejuvenation for your body.

Meditation and Positive Thinking:

The health benefits of the postures are greater if you concentrate the healing action where it is needed. You can incorporate a variety of affirmations, including how to meditate to God, in helping you through the concentration practices, which provides greater creative visualization , as you see through your yoga exercising regimen.

Although I hold a Christian spiritual world view regarding hope and faith , and the profound impact that one’s spiritual faith and prayer life can have on meditation, I am also sensitive and aware to others’ “spiritual world views”. My point is not to make an argument over my Christian faith other than to inform you, and make you aware of various thought and belief systems that exist with respect to yoga exercises throughout the world.

Mediation and positive thinking can be used in any situation you are experiencing at the moment.

Whether you are trying to get the big promotion at work, pursuing your career goals , or your business goals pursuits.

Maybe you are trying to start your own work at home business, positive thinking and a positive attitude go hand in hand.

If you can believe it-you can achieve it. But you need to have the hope and faith in God and in your God given abilities that you will achieve your goals.

Yoga and Medical Care

Although yoga should never replace your current medical care, yoga is however, frequently used in Western medicine to enhance health and treat chronic disease as well as stress that many, including yourself-experience in your daily life.

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