What Are Your Weight Loss Goals for Your Diet Plan

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What Are Your Weight Loss Goals for Your Diet Plan?

Got Weight Loss Goals?

Everyone seems to have weight loss goals and fitness goals these days.

It seems that every medical doctor/nutritionist, author, psychic, actor, etc-is trying to push “their” latest 100% proven method or nutritional weight loss system as the “best method” for you to drop the pounds in the quickest time and least amount of effort required on your part.

Maybe, you too are looking for the latest, fool-proof system guaranteed to drop the pounds….

According to a Press release by the American On the Move Foundation, the amount of Americans who stated they were trying to lose weight dropped 14% (73 percent in 2003-2004) NHANES data on the Prevalence of Overweight and Obesity Among Adults-United States, 2003-2004 to just 59% as of 2007.

According to the CDC, Fast Stats, among non-institutionalized Americans, adults 20 years and older, approximately 66% of adults are overweight and/or obese per CDC guidelines.

32% of non-institutionalized Among Americans 20 years and older are obese per CDC guidelines. These numbers are astounding-Americans are FAT! This already puts in jeopardy an already fractured health care system.

Having a Masters Degree in health Education, and working over 10 years in health promotion, and developing monitoring health education and health promotion programs for both US and International donors.

Quick Fix Dieting?

I have always been amazed how the vast majority of individuals are seeking a “quick fix” to their weight loss goals and better quality of health without including aerobic exercise and nutritional health in the overall goal plan. Having proper nutritional goals begins with a healthy diet, which is necessary for proper cellular health.

Do you realize that by improving your personal risk factor in only one area-can reduce and mitigate other risk factors that you already may have? In other words, if you are already overweight-you are automatically predisposed for diabetes, high blood pressure, and cardio-vscular disease? I highly recommend the Bod4God Weight Loss Program

One such weight loss program that I can highly recommend for your weight loss needs is the bod4god Losing to Live weight loss program that was started by my Pastor, Reverend Steve Reynolds. My pastor started this weight loss program over 2 years, after his own personal weight loss struggle of losing weight which is now over over 100 pounds…and going…

My pastor has been an absolute inspiration to thousands of overweight people in our society today, and dozens of people enroll in the Losing to Live weight loss program through our church Capital Baptist church here in Annandale VA (in the DC metro area).

The program has licensed, registered and credentialed nutritionists, fitness trainers, and medical doctors that oversee the entire Bod4God weight los program. The program is open to all faiths and backgrounds,

My Pastor actually published his own book entitled: Bod4God, which examines a holistic approach to weight loss which includes: the spiritual, physical, and emotional. You can purchase the book directly here.

As a professional Health Educator (M. Health Education), I highly recommend this very effective approach to long term weight loss and maintenance program which has proven beneficial not only to my pastor, but to thousands of others who are now taking part in the Bod4God Losing to Live weight loss program not only here in the US, but internationally-as this program has wide international appeal.

What’s Holding You Back From Achieving Your Weight Loss Goals?….

Contrary to popular opinion-there is no such thing as a universal weight loss/diet program program-it does not exist! Everyone’s unique health and medical needs, personal risk factors, nutritional and medicinal needs are different. Therefore-only a licensed and qualified medical doctor and/or licensed nutritionist can/should advise, direct and guide you to a weight loss program that best suits your overall health needs.

Once you and your doctor and/or nutritionist agree upon the “appropriate” weight loss program for you, you need to make sure you follow your weight loss goal program to the end. Unless you are directed to quit the program per advise from your medical doctor or medical health care provider, make sure you weight loss goal program to the letter.

You need to be willing to commit 100% level of effort in order for your diet plan to be effective in reaching your weight loss goals. Do not expect the pounds to just fall off unless you are committed totally to the program.

You’re probably wondering what can you do specifically, regarding weight loss and motivation? . There are many excellent

weight loss goals and weight loss exercise programs that you can research on-line and off-line-and can then share these with your licensed medical doctor and/or licensed nutritionist in developing a weight loss plan that best suits your overall health and nutritional needs. There are many excellent

diet juicing programs as well. One that I can recommend is juicing-for-health.com . Just remember that any weight loss or diet plan involves life style changes on your part including a daily/weekly exercise program as well. The point is to start NOW in agreeing with a diet/exercise program that your doctor (along with your input,) believes will best address your physical/nutritional concerns and needs, so you can start becoming a more healthier, active and “lighter” you.

If you’re into really transforming your body, I highly recommend the Insanity workout. This high intensity, low impact work out DVD system literally walks you through a sixty day (60) day work regimen, that increases with reps and intensity, as your body gradually adjusts to the work out.

What is nice about this exercise program is that you need no equipment, no gym membership.

All you need is a DVD player to watch the high intensity aerobic instructional DVD program, where you actually sculpt your body, developing lean muscle mass, shedding pounds and inches in becoming a more leaner, healthier and fitter you.

You just need the right positive attitude, to have the hope and faith in God and in your God given abilities.

But you also need to possess the self motivation and the self discipline in realizing your weight-loss goals. Your life is waiting….

Remember: ”The only Unfulfilled Goals in Your Life are the Ones you Never Attempt”

Obesity is a Global Health and Economic Concern. What are your Best Weight-Loss and Diet Tips?

Obesity is a global concern. Everyone is concerned with weight-loss and proper dieting and nutrition for themselves. Having a Masters Degree in Health Education, and over 15 years experience managing public health and wellness programs, my attempt is to capture the best weight-loss and diet tips resources that have made an impact for you and other visitors seeking to lose weight successfully and healthfully.


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