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Waist Size Conversion Tips


Waist size conversion to a slower waist can be a dreadful nightmare for some people. And wearing sexy tops as well as bikinis may only be a dream for them. Dream no more. Your dream of having a smaller waist can be achieve if you put your mind into it and follow my tips in cutting off your waist line.

No matter how many belly fat reducer products you buy, it will not cut off your waist line. There’s no such thing as a shotgun waist reducer. There’s no such thing as a product that could reduce your waist. It takes a lot of effort before you will achieve you dreamt waist line. And it also deals with the right kind of food you eat. If you keep on exercising, but you always munch a bunch of high fat food, you are just fooling yourself. In terms of food, you should eat a bunch of fruits and vegetables as well as lean meats. Lessen your fat and sodium intake as well as foods high in cholesterol. If you are on a workout, eat five to six meals per day but make sure that you only eat small portions per meal.


Now, let’s talk about the exercise. Cardio exercise is the recommended exercise for belly reduction. It does not only reduce the fats on your belly but it also strengthens your cardiovascular system. If you do cardio workout, make sure you do it on a regular basis.

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Doing it in s short span of time will not work. In achieving those dreamt waist, it takes a lot of effort before you will achieve it. Once you already have it, don’t forget to maintain it.

Once you already achieved the tummy you want, you will have to move on to strengthening it and toning it to make it leaner than ever. Doing it, will increase the muscle mass on your tummy, thus, creating the six packs you want. Exercise that helps in strengthening and toning of your tummy includes sit ups and crunches.

Biking For Weight Loss

You can also try biking. Biking is a good exercise in moving your abs. It also increases your résistance as well as improving your circulation. Another strengthening exercise includes back press. Lie on your stomach and raise your head as well as your legs. With these, it will strengthen your abs. If you have dumbbells, you can use it with this next exercise. Stand with your feet apart creating a base of support. Bend your waist until the weight you are carrying touches the floor. In going back up, use your buttocks and legs. Tighten your abdominal muscle to support your back.

If you don’t want those gym materials, you can also use a “hoola hoop”. It’s fun to play with it. Not only that, it also makes your tummy leaner. Of course, you have to do it regularly.

These tips will help you in your waist size conversion.

This will make you feel better and healthy as ever once you achieve it. If you maintain basic formulas which are proper diet, regular exercise and determination, dreaming of becoming those models won’t be a dream no more.


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