Touch Your Toes For Abbs

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Touch Your Toes For Abbs

Double toe touchers, or better known as “toe touches,” can be a powerful addition to your Ultimate Six Pack workout. There are two different variations to this exercise, while one is harder and one is easier.

The harder variation includes the use of a weight and will maximize your results because it becomes a weighted exercise (better for blasting fat). The easier variation is just the normal exercise without the use of added weight.

I personally use the weighted variation and use a 45 lb. weighted plate because it gives me insane results. Let’s get into the exercise.

Weighted Option For Extra Difficulty:

-Hold a weight with both hands and touch your toes with the weight as you go up

-Use a weighted vest to add extra work for your six pack abdominals

-Use both to dramatically increase fat loss and muscle build

Targeted Stomach Area:

-Upper abdominals area

Designed For:

-Obtaining maximum results

-Working your abdominals in an Ultimate way

-Strengthening your upper abdominals to blast through fat



1. Start by lying down on your back on an exercise mat or soft ground

2. Kick your feet up straight into the air with your legs straight as possible

3. Keep your head off your chest but in a comfortable position

4. Tighten your abdominals and lift your shoulders and head off the floor

5. While keeping your head off your chest and legs completely straight, reach up and touch your toes as high as you can

6. If you’re using a weighted plate, use the weight to touch as high as you can instead of just your hands

7. Repeat this process and perform 4-5 sets of 5 or 25 reps.


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