Tips For New Rapid Fat Loss

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Tips For New Rapid Fat Loss


Do you want to have that rapid fat loss because you need to drop weight fast for a class reunion or wedding? Do you eagerly want to use bathing suit looking so good and sexy? Do you want to wear extra small sizes of shirts and 24 waist line on pants? Do you suffer depression because of your weight? Do you want to feel good about yourself?

When month of holidays end and you ate so much food and had a little training, your mind would want to start stepping on a weight loss effort. Good and careful planning for a firmer and sexy you is very important.



Weight reduction through rigid exercise and diet are considered, but, the length and period of your fitness program will depend on how much do you do it a day and how willing and determined you are in doing it. Mental preparedness is very important; your body and mind should go hand in hand for a better and well desired effect. Also, when you know the reason why fats have been accumulating in your body, there’s a greater chance of success in losing it.

Everybody can attest to it that losing weight can be very hard. Even when you have just started the program and you have not seen any changes, you get depressed. As such, proper guidelines and principles must be considered. Under the diet program, it must be kept in mind the foods to eat and when to eat. Don’t force yourself to be hungry because you can just eat more. Under the exercise program, start from the basic and short counts, but increase intensity when days will come.

In order for you not to fail in wanting to lose weight fast, here are some weight loss tips that you may follow:

Diet Plan

Diet has always been effective in losing weight together with exercise. When you are very devoted to your diet plan, sure you will have the best result making a rapid fat loss.

1. The Banana Diet: Banana’s enzyme is used to accelerate weight loss.

Breakfast: bananas and room-temperature water can only be eaten.
Lunch, dinner, and snacks: you can eat whatever you want but should not eat after 6 p.m.
Restrictions: No ice cream, dairy products, alcohol, or dessert after dinner, and the only beverage is room-temperature water.

2. Fruit Flush Diet:

Day 1: Drink fruit shakes.
Day 2: Eat fresh fruit every two hours, and a dinner meal composes of fresh vegetables and a small amount of a lean meat.
Restriction: Dairy products, coffee, tea, alcohol, diet and regular sodas, cooked vegetables, juices, most fats, and all sweets are prohibited.

3. 1 week diet:

Breakfast and lunch: You can eat in moderation provided that it is a balanced diet.
Dinner: 1 toasted bread, 1 boiled egg, and fresh lettuce.


Together with diet, exercise has been proven effective in strengthening muscle group and allows more flexibility and movement, and helps in reducing weight loss.

Here are some rules to be followed for a faster weight loss.

1. The majority of work outs should be more on free weights and dumbbell lifting.

It requires more skill, thus creating muscular balance. By exercising with the use of weights and dumbbells can cause the muscle to work in greater motion, thus allowing more developed muscles and more calories and fats to burn.

2. Perform total body workouts.

It is a notion that to exercise means you have limit for 1-3 days. For a rapid weight loss, this is not the case. The more you can do workouts, the better.

3. Vary your pace during your cardio training.

You should not maintain a normal pace in cardio training. For the first minute, you walk, after another minute, you can increase to running. After another minute, start at a normal pace again and repeat.

4. Rest only for 30 to 60 seconds in between set.

This ideal time for rest is good as it keeps you focus on your task and the heart rate is elevated making you do some more. Beyond 30 seconds can make you feel tired and the drive for a day to work out may be lost.

5. Do cardio in the morning on an empty stomach.

This will help in burning the remaining sugar in your body, allowing fats to be the fuel for energy during your cardio training.

Rapid fat loss is very realistic only when with proper guidance and knowledge of the benefits of diet and exercise. Fat loss plan may fail because you put yourself in a too strict diet; you almost deprive yourself of food.

Here’s the deal, when you cut down your caloric intake and you burn more than you eat, sure you will lose weight especially if done gradually. On the negative note, if you do this suddenly and cut down almost caloric content needed by your body, energy used up will slow down and so no weight loss is evident and the essential nutrients for your body is lost, putting your body at a big risk. So, when you want to lose weight fast, follow the guidelines above and have the support from your family. Remember, diet and exercise is different from deprivation, so take the former and live a healthy life.


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