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Body Building Diet

“Bodybuilding is 80% diet.” Vince Gironda, a famous body builder of his time, made this statement, and it still sticks with a number of great body builders today.

Vince Gironda, also known as the iron guru, developed great fame because he was well known for training a number of notable body builders between the 1950′s and the 1990′s. One body builder that he helped in particular was Arnold Schwartzenegger. Through working with Gironda, Arnold Schwartzenegger quickly became one of the greatest body builders of all time. But what was Vince Gironda’s secret to success?

Vince felt that in order for a body builder to enjoy true muscle building success, a body building diet was essential. He worked hard to convince numerous people to believe his theory, and he was quite successful. Great body builders and trainers still continue to follow such a diet religiously and enjoy outstanding results.

The Body Building Diet

While on this diet, it is essential that the body builder consume foods that are rich in protein. Along with consuming protein rich foods, the body builder must also incorporate natural carbohydrates (fruits and vegetables), fats, oils, and nuts into the diet. Body builders must also take supplements that will help to grow the muscle tissue and reduce the body’s subcutaneous fat. Supplements that Gironda recommended for body builders were wheat germ oil, desiccated liver, Kelp tablets, lipotropic amino acids (methionine, choline, inositol, and beaten that help the metabolism along and assimilate protein).

A famous biologist, Bernard Beverley, once said that human tissue is biological in its entirety. Since human tissue is entirely biological, it is essential that body builders eat foods that are high in biological content. Eating such foods helps body builders to completely develop their tissue. Numerous individuals confuse protein rich foods with foods that are high in biological content. But what these individuals fail to realize is that these foods are not always the same. While foods that are high in biological content are rich in protein, such foods contain protein that has a structure that is very similar to the protein found in human tissue.

One food that contains the highest amount of biological content is the egg. Other examples of food high in biological content are organ meats (sweetbreads, liver, hearts, and kidneys), lamb, steak, fish, and poultry. Some vegetables, beans, and legumes are also great sources of protein, and it is a good idea to include them in the diet.


Some body builders believe soybeans to be part of the diet, as they are rich in protein. While soybeans are rich in protein, they are only made up of 22% biological content. A body builder would have to eat large amounts of soybeans to match the biological content in the foods recommended above.

Complete Nutrition Guide For Bodybuilding & Fitness 

When it comes to preparing for a contest, the iron guru strongly recommends that body builders completely avoid the use of anabolic steroids and consume as much as three dozen eggs daily. Eating this amount of eggs enables the muscles to receive a large amount of biological protein, so they can build strength and repair any damage that was done. After six to eight weeks of sticking to this regimen, the body builder must reduce the amount of eggs consumed to approximately one to two dozen a day, as the body builder will have achieved his goal.

Another contest diet that was developed by the iron guru required that his students follow a strict dieting cycle to rid their bodies of any subcutaneous fat. For four days, students would consume zero carbohydrates, and on the fifth day, students could eat normally. Students would repeat this diet cycle for between three to eight weeks, until every muscle and vein was popping out.

There are other body building diets that have been designed to enable body builders to achieve certain goals. These diets either focus on eating large amounts of red meat and vegetables or eating large amounts of fish and dairy. These diets provide the body with large amounts of protein, which will help to increase the muscle tissue or replace the muscle tissue that has been torn down by extensive workouts. It is important to understand that these body building diets are not long term.

These body building diets are not long term.

When on any body building diet other than preparing for a contest, it is important that a body builder consume 25% protein and 40% carbohydrates. The body builder must consume only natural carbohydrates and completely abstain from carbohydrates and sugars that are refined. Fats and fiber will fill in the gap, balancing out the rest of the diet. Strict contest diets should be followed no more than eight weeks. Body builders who follow a body building diet closely will certainly achieve their desired goals.


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