Strength Training for A Stronger Body

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Strength Training

How’s Your Strength Training Coming Along?

Approximately two-thirds of adults in the United States are overweight, and almost one-third are obese, according to data from the:

National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) 2001 to 2004. This fact sheet presents statistics on the prevalence of overweight and obesity in the United States, as well as the health risks, mortality rates, and economic costs associated with these conditions.

In order for you to understand these statistics, it is necessary to know how overweight and obesity are defined and measured, something this publication addresses.

This fact sheet also explains why statistics from different sources may not match. The many health benefits of Strength training include:

Health Benefits of Exercise and Physical Activity:

Reduce the risk of premature and death and dying from heart disease

Reduce high blood pressure or the risk of developing high blood pressure

Reduce high cholesterol or the risk of developing high cholesterol

Reduce the risk of developing colon cancer and breast cancer

Reduce the risk of developing diabetes

Reduce or maintain body weight or body fat

Build and maintain healthy muscles, bones, and joints

Reduce and anxiety depression

Improve psychological and emotional well-being

Enhanced work, recreation, and sport performance

Improve cardio-vascular health through aerobic exercises

Before you embark on any strength training or your personal fitness goals program, you need to first discuss with your medical doctor or health care provider your desire to purse such physical fitness activities.

Only after obtaining the medical clearance from your doctor should you then develop a course of action for you to begin your physical fitness program.

Whether you pursue strength training or resistance training , you need to ask yourself what are the reasons you are interested in this type of fitness program? What are your overall fitness goals?

Are you interested in strengthening your core area or upper arms, back, thighs?

Once you determine the type of training that you want to undertake, can you then choose or select a training program that you can stick with and see and experience the health benefits once your fitness goals are met.


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