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Can Men use Skinception Stretch Mark Therapy Cream?


Stretch marks happen not only to women but men as well. Most people associated stretch mark as the condition that happens because of pregnancy. But the truth is, stretch mark can happens for many different reasons besides pregnancy such as rapid weight loss, rapid weight gain, surgery and also growth spurts. That means everyone can have stretch marks no matter what their sexes are. The question is how to remove this stretch mark? There are many products in the market that claimed themselves as anti-stretch mark cream and Skinception is one of them.


Now, we are going to take a look whether Skinception Reviews can works effectively as it said to be and can men use it as well.

Effective Combination to Fight Stretch Marks

Like all products, we need to see the bottom of it and when it comes to product such as Skinception stretch mark cream; we need to know what ingredients that the makers use. It was listed that this product use four active ingredients and they are:

skinception-for-menDarutoside, which will work effectively to reduce the length of streaks, reduce the indentation appearance, and increase the skin smoothness.
Regestril, which will help with the reduce stretch marks depth and width, leaving smoother and healthier skin
Pro-Col One+. This a new ingredient in Skinception product that can help the skin to produce more collagen that we all know will help with skin elasticity problem Pro-Sveltyl.

This specific ingredient is actually extracted from Nelumbo Nucifera flower. It can help with collagen production and it makes the skin have bigger chance to repair itself. Not only work for stretch mark, this ingredient also a well-known ingredients that was used in many anti cellulite product. So, basically when people use Skinception stretch mark cream, they get double benefit to fight against cellulite as well.
What to Expect

Now, what people can expect after they use this Skinception stretch mark cream? Before expecting anything, people should be realistic about the result and use it routinely before they can see the result. It was recommended to use Skinception cream twice a day, in the morning and in the afternoon. Gently massage the cream to the affected area and keep doing it for at least four weeks before seeing the result.

Some people may experience redness on their skin or tingling sensation after they applied Skinception cream but don’t be panic because it simply show that the cream is working its way inside people skin. So far there is never any report about side effect so we can say that this product is safe to use.

Skinception for Men and Women

The makers of Skinception stretch mark cream made the product with pregnant women in mind. It means that the product is perfectly safe to use by pregnant women who were in their most sensitive skin condition. Since it was safe for pregnant women, it will work for men as well. It also means that a couple or a family doesn’t have to buy different stretch marks product for different family member, simply buy one Skinception stretch mark and save the money for something else.


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