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Rapid Weight Loss Diets


Rapid weight loss diets have been made available for people who want to find changes on their weight quickly. These are diets made to restrict calories, suppress appetite and enhance metabolism. These are for people who are dying and eagerly wanting to shed weight or else they will be depressed. For people under the influence of vanity, these diets are also necessary for them.

It is hard to be overweight and in an obese state. It is not only your self esteem and confidence will go down to its lowest, but also your social life. You often do not want to go out because you are afraid people will laugh at your big belly and fat.

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It is also difficult to face with so much tough decisions in your life where you want what’s not good for you, “Should I eat steaks, fries, pizza?” should I drink soft drinks, blends or water? Should I eat chocolates or not? The most difficult part of it is when you know what’s right but it’s so hard to resist temptation of foods especially you are going crazy for that.

It is true that losing weight can really be a big challenge. It’s not easy to lose pounds on your weight and it would be difficult for you to change from pigging out to a restricted diet. However, when you want to appreciate yourself again and you want to uplift your spirit, confidence and self esteem, rapid weight loss diets are important.

Start a change now, you are the one to start it, have the will, determination and sacrifice even a little and all your efforts will will be paid off giving you a sexier and firmer you. Remember, weight loss is not the end of the journey. It’s just the beginning of a healthy life you will adopt for a lifetime.

“I want to stay slim, I am fat now! I am feeling pretty miserable and I want to lose weight. I want to be sexy. I want to wear tight-fitting clothes. I want I want I want…” you heard that from a lot of people who want to be slim and lose the excess weight. It’s easier said than done. So, do what you say, here are some diets you can do.

1. South Beach Diet

This gives a healthy balance between carbohydrates and fats. Processed or food with many preservatives must be avoided in this type of diet.

South beach diet has 3 phases.

Phase 1: It lasts for two weeks and this is the strictest phase as the foods to be eaten will be in controlled such as chicken, beef, fish, and shellfish. Those foods can be eaten along with vegetables, eggs, cheese, nuts, and salads that should also be in controlled.

Phase 2: The weight loss in this phase is slower. Foods containing healthy carbohydrates are back into the diet such as whole grain bread, rice, fruits, pasta, but not be eaten all together at once. You can eat one fruit for dinner and pasta on the next day.

Phase 3: This is called the maintenance phase and should lasts for lifetime. The weight loss on the previous phases and the present weight should be maintained. The dieter should know what foods are to be eaten or not.

2. The Cookie Diet

This diet suppresses appetite.

The diet consists of consuming 6 cookies per day with a single meal at dinner time which should be high in protein.

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3. The 7 Days Cabbage Soup Diet Plan

This is one of the most effective rapid weight loss diets as you can lose 15 to 20 pounds for 7 days. Try it now!

Day 1:

Eat all the fruits you want except banana.
Drink water or unsweetened tea.
Have as much cabbage soup as you like.

Day 2:

Eat your favorite fresh, raw, or cooked vegetables.
Baked potato with butter for dinner is good. Do not eat dry beans, peas, and sweet corn.
Have as much soup as you like but no fruit for today.

Day 3: Combine days one and two except eating baked potato.

Day 4:

This day is designed to lessen your desire for sweets.
Eat bananas as many as you want.
You can drink skim milk along with your cabbage soup.
Day 5:

You can have 300-500 grams of beef.
You may eat skinless broiled or baked chicken instead of beef.
Drink at least 6 to 8 glasses of water to cleanse your body from toxin and it will prevent you from stimulation of your hunger.
Eat your soup at least once for today.
Day 6: Eat beef and vegetables along with your soup.

Day 7:

Eat much brown rice, unsweetened fruit juices, and vegetables.
Have your soup at least once a day.
No bread and soft drinks.

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