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Overcoming Addictions Requires Faith


Addictions from alcohol abuse, drugs, sex, food, tobacco abuse, are unfortunately rampant in our society today, as well as many developed societies around the globe including internet porn .
You cannot turn on the TV, walk down the street sometimes without being bombarded by these societal evils.

Are You Controlling Your Addictions, or are Your Addictions Controlling You?

This site is not about judging or condemning you or others who are abusers or who suffer from the effects of alcohol, and other addictions including how to quit using marijuana , or sex addiction by yourself or from the abusive effects of a loved one in your family.

There are other addictions including overeating, excessive spending, and gambling which basically go almost unnoticed in our societies today. Addictions are any unwanted behavior that controls you. I am not going to list every single behavior other than to highlight the most common addictions that affect people.

This site is about calling the facts the facts of these abusive behaviors that are killing and destroying lives, familes and our communities that we all live in.
My purpose is to provide you up to date, reliable and factual resources addressing these very dangerous habits from alcohol, drugs, and sex abuse .

Hopefully, you will be empowered to rid your co-dependence upon these social issues, to hopefully regain and rehabilitate your life or the lives of loved ones-who need and can benefit from this invaluable information.

I hold a Masters degree In Health education, and have worked for over 10 years in HIV/AIDS related programs both in the United States, and most recently in India and Bangladesh managing HIV/AIDS and I/DU (Injection Drug Users) risk harm reduction programs for heroin users and addicts.

I have witnessed first hand the ravaging effects that drugs, alcohol abuse and nicotine have on the physical body-and how it gradually destroys the mind and all cognitive reasoning. You can read my story about me here.

You Need God in Your Life and on Your Side

Apart from having the Lord God in your life, you cannot recover from your addictions. You will always be a slave to your addictive behaviors. Only through God-by HIS son Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, are you able to overcome your habits and addictions in your life.

It doesn’t matter what your addictive behaviors are-God is the only way to overcome your addictive behaviors. You need to learn how to meditate to God and ask him to help you with your addictions.

Read and study the bible. The bible is full of all the wisdom and advise you will ever need, study and read God’s word In helping you to overcome your addictive behaviors and in becoming the person that God wants you to be.

Connect with a Christian Support System

Now you have God on your side-but you need a support system, or a group to help you. Connect with Christian support groups in your area, either through your local church, worshipping body, or in your local community. Your support group is vital for you in two ways:

(A) This group has members that are also going through the same addictive struggles as you are, and can be instrumental in your eventual recovery. They can provide tremendous advise, counsel and prayer support for you as you struggle and grow through this difficult period in your life.

(B) Secondly, they will help to hold you accountable to yourself and to God with your recovery in overcoming your addictive behaviors. If you fall down-they are there to assist by picking you up. You are not alone. There is power in prayer and in a support system that is praying for you and wanting and helping you how to succeed.

Having a support group-you will be empowered through faith, in overcoming your fears , and your failures. This will increase your self motivation , your self-esteem , your self confidence , your self-discipline , and overall this will improve your self-improvement and outlook in life.

You Need to First Recognize and ADMIT that you have a Problem

You must take addiction seriously because 25% of Americans die as a result of substance abuse. The average alcoholic dies twenty-six years earlier than he or she would otherwise. According to Dr. Robert R. Perkinson, the clinical director of Keystone Treatment Center: 450,000 of Americans die of smoking each year.

100,000 Americans die of alcohol each year.

During their lifetime 27% of the population will suffer from a substance abuse disorder.

25% of Americans die of substance abuse.

95% percent of untreated addicts die of their addiction.

50% of traffic deaths are alcohol related.

Any successful outcome of your ridding yourself of your drug and alcohol abuse first begins and ends with your admitting and recognizing that you have a serious problem and then seeking out drug and alcohol treatment programs that will best address your illness.

There are many excellent programs that exist both on-line and off-line that address addiction such as: drug and alcohol recovery workbook . This is a self help guide that addresses alcohol and drug abuse illness that provides counseling and support.

There are also the traditional AA programs that you can join and help-lines such as: alcoholic and drug abuse . Remember, when you enter an addiction treatment rehab facility , believe that God will help you get through it.

Make the Commitment to Join and complete a Treatment Program that Will Address Your Dependence Needs

You have to recognize that your habit is for life-it is a lifestyle change and commitment that you need to accept as part of your eventual recovery process. The majority of the failures in treatment facilities are from people who think they no longer need the program-guess what? It doesn’t work that way.

You need to change your environment by changing some of your friends and associates that you associated with while doing drugs and alcohol.

How can you ever break the habit and cycle of your dependent habits-by associating with the very people that have helped and supported you down this dark and dangerous road?


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