Nutritional Health Now For Healthier Tomorrows

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Nutritional Health Now For Healthier Tomorrows

Garbage In..Garbage Out…You Are What You Eat…

As a professional health educator, about me , I am appalled at the increased general apathy from the general public in the United States regarding the quality of nutritional health and sedentary lifestyles of Americans in general. Just look at this link regarding

CDC’s data regarding overweight Americans. According to several medical sources, there is a direct corollary between cardio-vascular heart disease , and nutritional intake.

Your daily diet plays such a vital and crucial role not only in your nutritional food intake, but to the overall quality of life.

According to Medical news Today, it is estimated that the US health care system pays an additional $19.39 for every overweight pound, $1,037.64 for every overweight individual, and $127 billion added to the national health care bill.

A New Way To Look At Counting Calories…

Maintaining all of those extra pounds requires Americans to take in 23 trillion calories a year. That’s the equivalent of 46 billion Big Macs, 114 billion Krispy Kreme donuts or 152 billion bags of chips. Talking about your diet and weight loss goals.

These calories have the same energy as the following:

– 10 1,000-megawatt power stations generating for a year
– 788 million gallons of gasoline
-10 million tons of coal
-96 trillion AA alkaline batteries
I am not here to argue the current US Administrations’ position supporting a national health care policy (which I do disagree) . This site is not about this national debate! My purpose for writing this is to state as objectively with clear business communication, the inherit risks that American’s in general face (and others from western developed societies) as well, with regards to being overweight, which has direct links to daily nutritional intake and consumption affecting your quality of life.

Realize You have a Problem with your Diet and Deciding to Do Something About It…

You’re probably thinking and wondering what can I do, to live a more healthier lifestyle? Which

diet plan or nutritional health system do you adhere to and follow for optimal cellular health? As I stated earlier..I am not a licensed Medical Practitioner nor am I a licensed nutritionist. I am a health educator by profession. Any diet and health plan that you decide to follow should be discussed with your medical practitioner or nutritionist.

Once you have decided upon a specific nutritional health or diet plan, there are many good programs that do exist both on-line and off-line.

Are you interested in juicing or juicers? if so I can highly recommend that you check out this site: juicing for

On this site you will find the latest information regarding juicing for optimal nutritional and cellular health.

The site owner even provides juicing recipes and recommendations for purchasing juicers.

The important thing is to stick with your diet plan, whether you’re juicing, or a traditional diet-the point is to follow out the nutritional plan that’s best for your overall health goals.

You just need to have the self discipline , the self motivation , and a positive attitude , in becoming a more healthier you.


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