Motivation To Lose Weight Fast

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Motivation To Lose Weight Fast


It can be so damn hard finding motivation to lose weight especially if you lose track of the true reasons for doing it.

The crossroads that are before you can be very intimidating and horrifying. However, how we fight against the monsters in the crossroad are depending on how much motivation you put into yourself for you to win in such battle. Motivation is one of the most important factors that measures how successful we are at what we do. It is the inner driving force that gives us the will to accomplish tasks and succeed at reaching our desired goal.

We are good at start and bad at finish. We do workouts daily and on the middle of the course, we stop and lose nothing. We were good at diet at start yet we are still tempted to eat what we like even if it’s giving us the highest calories ever. So what’s lacking here? Your motivation is less, it’s not enough.

Motivation levels can vary each day depending on how we feel, or how we view certain experiences and how much we believe in our own capabilities. Aiming for weight loss could be the hardest thing in your lives, and for anyone to succeed at slimming, motivation will be the most important part to work at. It will give you enough determination to get up, move on and exercise even if you do not feel like doing it. Motivation also controls our personal cravings and would help us stick to the low fat selections and healthy diet plans.


Motivation allows us to stand again after we fell from depression and frustration. In losing weight, you will never have that smooth sailing process all the way, there will come a time that you get tired and lose sight of your true reasons. However, no matter how you fall, keep standing and keep still the motivation to lose weight. Keep trying and trying and you will succeed.

The origin of your motivation is depending on some circumstances. You are motivated because you were a victim of a fool crowd calling you any words pertaining to fatness. You are motivated because your family and friend’s support your goals. You are motivated because you want to be fit or you want what’s best in you. There are actually a lot of factors why motivation comes into your life.

Refusing To Settle For Less than the Best in Your Life

One of the best ways to achieve motivation is to refuse in settling for less, and get settled for the best. This is about deciding that you should always deserve the best – a sexy and slimmer body, superb health, high levels of energy. With that, you can just say that and you’ll settle for nothing less.

It is not avoidable that there are people who just choose to settle for less; probably because they do not want to settle for more and end up getting nothing. They choose to avoid frustrations that may come while setting for more. However, those who settle for less do not make health as a priority. In short, they don’t care about their body even if they are fat and they do not care about weight problems. Setting for less means you are contented with walking around the neighborhood and fluctuating diet. As such, by deciding to go on a healthy diet, you are refusing to settle for this in your life.

Here are Some Motivations to Lose Weight…

Start SMALL with BIG goals in mind!

This means that you never have to change in a sudden for the desired effect to achieve. As the saying goes, “take one step at a time”. Taking too many changes at once can be overwhelming and often leave you feeling as if you are depriving yourself of everything.

It’s much easier to focus on one big goal at a time than 101 smaller goals. You may start setting goal for your first week to cut out excess rice from your diet or soda replacing it with water. It’s much better than cutting soda and at the same time you are starting to introduce vegetable in your diet. In this way, you are helping yourself to get motivated by taking little step at a time but with ONE BIG GOAL – to lose weight.


Clean your kitchen!

Cleaning your kitchen means getting rid of everything that’s inside the fridge such as chocolates, cakes, ice cream etc. or you can do a total change that’s inside your fridge or kitchen cabinet. You can remove all those unhealthy foods and replace it with healthy stuffs. For you to get motivated, you can even place a big note outside your fridge saying, “eat healthy”. In that way, you will not be tempted to eat more and more causing you to gain weight.

Getting in Love …

Yes. This is very much true. When you are in love with someone especially if you both have the same interest such as gym and diet, you will never completely unmotivated not unless you break up. You would always feel excitement each day going to the gym all the more when your love has been supporting you and appreciating little progress he sees in you.

Positive Aura!

Positive aura means you treat each day as a new beginning. It means you have not found any reason to lose hope. Putting a positive note somewhere in your room can make a good start for your day. Putting simple notes such as, “I CAN DO IT”, I AM SEXY”, “I AM LOVED”, those phrases which you will see upon waking up is a help to boost up your motivation and losing weight for you will never be that difficult.

Be Surrounded With Family and Friends!

The best motivation to lose weight is being with your family and friends who support your goals. When they support you in everything you do like going to the gym and planning a diet plan, then it will not be too hard for you to go on. Even when you are completely down because you feel like nothing is changing despite your efforts and sacrifice, getting surrounded with your loved ones can be relieving. They will give you a hand to stand again. Treasure them! They will always be the best motivators in your life!


When you see progress of your weight, like losing 5-10 kilos in two weeks, go and reward yourself in terms of total body spa, pedicure, manicure, etc. In this way, it can make your momentum more high as you go on the next set of diet and exercise. Giving of rewards is one way of showing that you appreciate your efforts and sacrifice.


The best but often neglected reason for losing weight is your health. However, it can be a motivation for others especially those who are advised by their health care practitioner. When you are obese, you would be advice to lose weight to prevent diseases. Fats due to weight gain can increase cholesterol level and increase the risk of heart diseases. As such, people are afraid to have a disease, so they tried their best to lose weight.


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