Losing Weight With Laxatives

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Losing Weight With Laxatives


Among thousands and millions of people desiring to lose weight, most of them are not satisfied with the results, as such, losing weight with laxatives have been a common fitness trend today. Proper diet and exercise are the most healthy and natural way to lose weight, since this is natural and it takes time before finally seeing the outcome, people resort to a fastest way to lose weight, but unfortunately, are misguided of the dangerous effects of it to their health.

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Laxatives and weight loss are two common things which are often linked together. More often than not, the use of laxatives in terms of weight loss is still under a certain argument and study. Using laxatives is considered an eating disorder that involves aspect of personality such as physical and psychological. Physical because people want to slim down, they want the fastest result and they want it easy for them. Psychological because as much as they want to lose weight faster than ever, the use of laxatives is being considered in such a way that when they take it after a meal, they Think that the calories from the food they consumed will not be absorbed. More so, when they use the drug, they perceived it as removing all the dirt and impurity that is inside their body. Either of the two may it be physical or psychological, it is unhealthy in the mind and body.

Does Laxatives Help To Make Me Lose Weight?

Pharmacologically tested, laxatives are effective in helping to stimulate bowel movements on cases of hard stools or constipation. This drug works in the large intestine causing the intestinal muscles to contract and remove waste from the body. This then helps the body to get rid of undigested foods that may be are obstructing and congesting to the digestive tract. Since this is a popular drug for constipation, laxatives have come to different forms. It can now be taken orally or suppository. There have been also forms of laxatives in a slimming tea. However, despite its different forms, one thing still remains constant, laxative is ONLY for hard stools that only expel used waste, and not fat nor calories. It can’t LOSE WEIGHT. Period.

Is It Safe To Use Laxatives For Weight Loss?

Most people, when they mistakenly thought that laxative can cause weight loss, they have an over dose of it, and using laxative to lose weight can impose short and long term unhealthy effects to the body. Here are some dangers that people should know:

A long term use of laxatives can cause chronic malabsorption syndrome or impaired absorption. The body’s digestive system becomes incompetent in absorbing essential nutrients needed by the body, thereby causing malnutrition.
Most dieters believe that they lose weight when diarrhea happens due to the effect of laxative. However, little did they know that diarrhea can cause passage of waste with a lot of water. Most often, people believed that a lot of water coming from the body can do more on their weight loss. Those flushed fluids will be regained within 48 hours. So, no weight loss happens.
When there’s chronic diarrhea, people can have 5-6 loose stools daily and more water and necessary electrolytes from the body will be removed.
Electrolyte imbalance can happen when there’s chronic diarrhea due to excessive use of laxatives. Signs and symptoms include muscle pain, spasms, fainting spells, irregular heartbeat, and in some cases death, because Potassium is the electrolyte that is significantly lost, heart attack is most likely.
When used for a long time, drug dependence can happen. And when the dependence is not met, withdrawal symptoms can be exhibited making the person dangerous and harmful.
Other side effects of laxatives are: nausea, vomiting, stomach cramps, and bone weakness.
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Laxatives Can Be Very Addicting…

Getting addicted to laxative pills is harmful for the body as you put your health and life in danger. When you cannot get rid of it at all and you have become so addictive on it where your body cannot help but crave for it, there can be a permanent damage of your bowels which are life threatening. Because of making your bowel work overtime due to an excessive use, the bowel has exhausted and forgotten to work.

As such is the case, people who are losing weight using laxatives should come out of their ignorance and realize the truth that laxatives are never safe and effective in dealing with weight loss, because if it is really true, then there would be a lot of testimonials of different people about it. When you are conscious about your weight and your figure, why not resort to a much healthier side of life? Get back from the basic, Your proper diet and exercise. Remember, weight loss is not a marathon. The longer you wait, the greater the result.


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