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Losing Weight when Pregnant: Top Things to Consider


Pregnancy is definitely a time when joy and uncertainty visits every woman’s life. There are so many things that we do not know about our bodies! However, the nature reveals all these when least expected, namely during the pregnancy period. As one of these “mysteries” relates to weight gain, most of us react contradictory, by trying to lose those extra pounds.

Therefore, questions like “Is it healthy to lose weight while pregnant?” and “Is it safe to lose weight while pregnant?” are definitely some normal concerns.

Times Have Changed

We all know that myth, which says that a pregnant woman must eat for two. However, the times have changed and these days, most doctors recommend healthy diets that allow women to put on the right pregnancy weight. But, even if women do respect the doctors’ advices, in some situation the only possible solution remains to lose weight during pregnancy.

Two main situations lead to adopting this solution: the first one happens when the mother-to-be is overweight before being pregnant and the second one relates to gaining too much weight during pregnancy. In any of these situations, the doctors recommend a proper diet and exercise plan to lose weight while pregnant. However, you should consider some important things prior to losing weight when pregnant. The following paragraphs present the details that you need to know before searching for the most efficient methods to lose weight while pregnant.

Gestational Diabetes and Obesity

The main concerns are not only related to how to lose weight while pregnant but also to different conditions that many pregnant women might develop. One of these conditions is gestational diabetes. This diabetes type can be developed only during pregnancy.

But, although it is a difficult disease, a recent study shows that many women have succeeded losing weight when pregnant. And even more surprising is the fact that most of these women have never needed more than 30 minutes of exercises per day. Moreover, the diabetes symptoms have also improved. A similar result shows the study that was conducted among obese pregnant women. It is important to know that in both these studies, the regular exercise had had a crucial role. However, the doctors do not recommend pregnant women to lose more than only a few pounds.

Losing Weight while Pregnant: Consider Your BMI

In short, BMI represents the correlation between your height and weight. A healthy BMI for a woman means a figure that range from 18.5 to 24.9. If you have any of these values, most probably, your doctor is not going to advise you to lose weight during pregnancy even if you put on some more weight than recommended. But, in case that your BMI is too high, you must know that you cannot lose weight without dieting and exercising.

If you wonder, “Can I lose weight while pregnant?” you have to know that you are able to complete this arduous task as many other moms-to-be have proven us that this thing is possible. Moreover, you can use some of the diets and exercises to lose weight while breastfeeding. While losing weight when pregnant, only one thing you have to bear in mind and this thing is precaution.



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