Lose Weight After Giving Birth

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Lose Weight After Giving Birth

To lose weight after giving birth is seen as a need by most mothers. According to a reliable source from a book, the normal average weight gain during pregnancy is from 25 to 35 pounds. During birth, new mothers lose about 13 to 14 pounds, leaving about 12 to 21 pounds of excess weight to be lost during postpartum period.

Mothers after birth can go through a certain blues, crying so hard which seems hard to understand. However, most of the mothers after giving birth really gained weight, and one of their priorities aside from their newborn, is to get back to the previous sexy figure, not only for physical purposes but for them to feel and look good about themselves even if they have a new responsibility to deal with.

When they fail to lose weight immediately, it can add up to the stress they are facing. Again, getting back into shape will make them feel good, but putting pressure on themselves while taking care of their newborn infant and new found family can add up to the stress they are encountering. Since they have been to pregnancy and birth giving, weight loss is something different and more considerations are to be given. Mothers who are desiring to get back to shape is also fearful of some circumstances and ask some questions before starting to adopt means and ways to lose weight after giving birth.


1. How to lose the weight safely?

This is the most common question mothers are asking to ensure their safety. Weight lose program for them is a combination of healthy eating (balanced diet) with the right kind and amount of food enough to compensate what was lost during birth giving, and regular exercise (brisk walking, read milling, aerobics) to slowly lose weight. However, since mothers had just given birth, the start of weight loss program depends if she gave birth naturally or through a surgery (cesarean section). Your 1st check up after birth is the best time to ask for exercise needs.

2. Can mothers go for a diet if they are breastfeeding?

We have to take into consideration that milk production is related to the amount of food the mothers take. They can actually go on a diet, and not a diet that they do not eat at all. When they are hungry, go and eat. Never skip meals; eat 3 meals/day.
Caloric intake requirement should also be taken into consideration:- When they have a healthy and normal weight: 500 calories per day from the pre-pregnancy intake.- Overweight: they might not need as many extra calories to breastfeed. – However, for safety, consult the doctor for proper instruction.
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3. What if the baby is going through bottle-feeding?

This can be possible for diet, as long as the total calories intake for the three meals should be 1,500. Go for diet in moderation and don’t ever skip meals.

4. What are the types of exercises to help you get back into shape?

Exercises that best fit for mothers who have just given birth are more on cardio exercises that include walking, aerobics, jogging, etc. It can be done 3 times a week for at least 30 minutes to 1 hour. Supplement within each exercise with fruit juice or water especially if breastfeeding. They can also make use of video on aerobics which they can follow at home. Brisk walking can also be done early morning while pulling the baby’s stroller. This is not only helpful for you but also for the baby as she gets more even sun rays as a vitamin.

5. What can you do when you can’t take the stress?

Doing something for one self is a good exercise in the mind. Mothers are not doing this for themselves but also for their baby that she want her to have a healthy mother in the future. There may be a lot of disappointments that mothers may encounter during the process of how to lose weight after giving birth, but seeing the effect in the long run can be so worth it.

When they want to lose weight after they give birth, don’t pressure oneself of losing weight in a week’s time. It will not happen. The desired effect happens in months or so, so mothers must do exercises and engages in balance diet regularly and not thinking of the result, but thinking of what you can they do to have the best result. However, on the process of wanting to look good, mothers must not overlook their responsibilities they have for their husband and children. If mothers are looking good but fails to take care of her family, then it’s worthless.


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