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Jogging and Running Tips-a Mental and Physical Way of Life


Running Tips and Jogging Must Dos

Jogging and running is probably one of the most least expensive forms of cardiovascular health or aerobic exercise that you can do for your fitness goals.

Jogging and running does not require that you purchase expensive memberships at various clubs, fitness centers, or purchasing expensive gym or home gym equipment.

You just need the proper running shoes and running attire.

Jogging and running is something almost anyone can begin now to see the cardio health and exercise benefits in such a relatively short period of time as part or in addition to your weight loss goals .

However, with any physical fitness or cardio exercise that you decide to purse, it is always advisable to first consult with your medical care provider first , to ensure you are healthy enough for taking up jogging and running for cardiovascular exercise.

I first need to tell you a little (about me) here. I have been running since 1978 when I finished high school and joined the US Navy. I started running in high top basketball sneakers aboard ship serving in the Middle East. I was a new runner then and I was thinking that all shoes are the same. How wrong I was in that thinking!

Within a few months I started to develop severe shin splints and the Navy doctor told me I needed to be using a proper pair of running shoes , which my parents sent me. My first pair of running shoes were an ugly pair of yellow addidas running shoes. However these first pair did serve their purpose, and from that point in time, I have caught the jogging and running bug.


Always make sure you do at least 5-10 minute calf and ham string stretches, before you head out on your favorite trail, road, or track before you begin your jog or your run. Stretching prior to your running or jogging will ensure your muscles are warmed up sufficiently to reduce the likelihood of injury to any of your calf or hamstring muscles, which are some of the more frequent injuries you can experience without proper stretching.

Start Out Slowly

Take your time when you are just starting out in your runs or your jog. You’re not in a race (at this point) , maybe in the future, that may be one of your jogging smart goals , to run a race or two or maybe even a

marathon ! Enjoy your jogging, being careful to listen to your body. As with any new activity, you will be a bit sore after your 20-30 minute run, this is too be expected. I am currently running 10 miles every other day and I virtually notice no muscle soreness or stiffness-because my body is conditioned. Yours will be also if you take your time, stretch before hand and pace yourself.

Run with a Running Partner or a Friend

It goes without saying that there is power in numbers. It is always beneficial to run with a friend or jogging partner. Not only can you both encourage each other in your self discipline and your respective self-motivation , in encouraging each other; more importantly if anything should happen to either one of you, one of you is available to take action in calling police or a motorist passing by if there should be an accident.

Running and Jogging Defensively

Just as you would drive defensively, so too you should run defensively, always being alert and expecting the unexpected . I’ve already been hit once by a car, and fortunately I was not hurt at all since I saw the vehicle coming and I quickly literally jumped and dove over the front of the car to avoid injury, accept for my damaged ego and pride, I have been blessed to live to run another day.

If you must run on the road, always run facing traffic.

It is much better to see what is coming towards you so you have ample time to react and get out of the way, then to be hit from behind with no reaction time.

This is an important safety lesson for all walkers, joggers, and runners alike.

And lastly , never ever jog or run while listening to your IPOD, or MP3 player , it’s the same thing as talking or texting while driving a car, you are distracted and you could die!



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