How To Workout Your Chest

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Chest Workout Routine ( Arnold Approved )

Out of all of the groups of muscles that make up the upper body, the pectoralis major is the largest. This group of muscles is found in the chest, and they are spread out over a large part of the torso. The best chest workouts for this muscle group must consist of heavy weights and exercises that focus on working out all of the muscles equally. The pectoralis major are pushing muscles that work very closely with the arm and shoulder muscles. Because these muscles are so close together, the triceps and deltoids will receive somewhat of a workout when the pectoralis muscles are being exercised. The size and depth of an individual’s pectoralis muscles, as well as how much they are spread out over the torso, greatly depends on the weights used in the training regimen.

Effective Exercises for Developing and Strengthening the pectoralis Muscles

Bench Press

When discussing best chest workouts, the bench press is often the workout that is most considered. There are a number of ways the bench press can be performed, as a variety of different weights, bars, grips, and positions are used. Gripping the bar with hands spread out wide while lying on a flat bench is the most popular variation of the bench press. Having a wide grip will enable the outer pectoralis Muscles to receive a good workout. The position of the bar will determine which part of this muscle group is exercised.

When the bar is in a low position toward the middle of the chest and elbows are positioned at the sides, the triceps get a good workout because they are involved in making the weights move. When the bar is positioned lower toward the neck and elbows are spread out wide, the frontal deltoids will receive a workout.

When a bench press is performed on a bench that is inclined with the bar positioned low toward the neck, this causes the upper pectoralis Muscles to be exercised.


Parallel Bar Dips

When the lifter has his hands spread shoulder width apart, the parallel bar dips are excellent for working out the upper and inner pectoralis Muscles. When the lifter spreads his hands further apart, his outer pectoralis Muscles and delt-pec tie-in are thoroughly worked.

Chest Workout Using Dumbbell Exercises

Dumbbells can be used in a variety of bench exercises that are related to the Olympic bar lifts. Dumbbells can also be used to perform flies with the bench positioned in a number of ways. Such exercises are excellent for stretching out the pectoralis Muscles and making them ripped.

Cable-And-Pulley Machine

The Cable-And-Pulley Machine is excellent for finishing exercises, such as the two-handed crunch. The two-handed crunch is performed by the lifter starting out with his arms spread out wide, and then he will spread his arms closer together, pulling the bars close to his chest. The arms will be bent slightly at the elbows.


This particular exercise is performed with the lifter lying on a flat bench and putting the weight on the floor. The lifter will then need to assume the supine position, and reaching over his head to pick the weight up off the floor. The lifter must keep his arms bent while trying to pick up the weight. Once the lifter has the weight, it must be brought to his chest in a circular motion.

If the lifter wants to perform a compound exercise, he must do a bench press that requires the weight to be pushed away from the chest. The lifter will then return the weight to his chest and then bring it back to the floor.

In order for the lifter to have the best chest workout, he must start with exercises that involve heavy weights. Then, the lifter must do exercises with barbells. After the lifter has done these exercises, he must work with the dumbbells and then finish off with body weight resistance.


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