How to Lose Weight For Kids

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How to Lose Weight For Kids


Recently I decided to focus a lot of my efforts on a topic that I’m really passionate about – childhood obesity. Now rather than make this blog revolve around that, I’m going to keep it as my “general” fitness blog. So I’ve created a brand new blog: How to Lose Weight for Kids.

On that blog I’ll be posting everything I know and learn about childhood obesity – it’s causes, prevention, solutions, etc.

Why childhood obesity? If you’re an adult, you make your own choices. You know that when you eat that bag of chips while watching TV that you’re damaging your body. You know that when you eat fast food consistently that you’re putting your body at risk. You know that when you sit around all day that you’re going to get fat.

But what about children? They only know what they’ve been taught. They follow their parent’s (or their role model’s) lead. When their parents give them video game systems & cell phones when they’re 5, they are training the kids to sit around and do nothing all day.

So whenever I see an obese child walking through a store with their obese parents, it sickens me. That kid is more likely to be bullied, have low self esteem, be sick, unable to do some of the things he may want to do, and if he doesn’t turn it around by the time he wants to get a job, he’s more likely to get paid less.

It’s a fact that overweight people in general get paid less than fit people. And no, it’s not discriminatory – it’s because fit people can usually think more clearly, focus better, have more energy and perform better.

And the worst part is, if the kid turns 16 and realizes that he/she needs to straighten their health out to get where they want to go in life, they’re at a HUGE disadvantage because their unhealthy habits have been engrained into them since they had a memory.

So I want to make parents stand up and take notice. I want to remove all excuses, provide solutions, raise awareness and educate parents and anyone working with children.

I’m on a mission. If you’d like to help me, I’d love it if you spread the word, leave a comment, follow along as I post on the new site.

I’ll continue to post here, but over the next few months.

P.S. I’d love your feedback on the new blog – feel free to post a comment on any of the posts and let me know what you think!


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