How to Get a Flat Tummy

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How to Get a Flat Tummy

While everyone is worrying on how to get a flat tummy, some are wishful thinkers dreaming for a slimmer, sexier and flatter tummy without doing anything. Just imagine if you have a flat tummy, you can wear well fitted clothes and dresses without body shaper under it. You can show up your body on a two-pieced swim suit on a summer. That’s a very nice idea, but how and when can you do it? Do you have the guts?

How many times do you hate yourself for keeping that tummy fat in you?

How many times have you fitted stretchable pants and you have not chosen even one because it’s too low waist, and you can’t take to wear it because of your fatty layers in the stomach. How many times have you been depriving yourself of food, yet nothing happened? What else do you want to do?

Here’s the deal. The first thing you must understand about achieving a flat tummy is that there are absolutely no fast fix solutions on how to get a flat stomach. Dumbbells, abdominal rockers, rollers and belts can help but they’re just one. That’s not enough.

The best and only solution on how to get a flat tummy is to combine a sound nutritious and healthy diet, getting rid of processed foods with a properly designed exercise programs that stimulate the necessary metabolic response of your body. Combining the two is very important for a desired effect.

The Diet

Diet is the major factor in removing fat from your stomach and from your body in general. It is best to consult with the nutritionist for an appropriate diet for your body especially if you are overweight. However, the most common diet plan includes:


Low Sugar Diet

Sugar can contribute in the bloating of your stomach. So prevent chocolates, cakes, candy bar, pastries and etc.

Low Carbohydrates, High Protein Diet

Protein is not easily digested. When one eats foods rich in protein, he will be feeling full for long hours, preventing him to eat.

No preservatives (canned goods, junked foods, etc)
Preservatives have an increase salt and caloric content. Salt can cause water to accumulate in the body including in the stomach, causing it to bloat. The more you eat calories, the more fats will accumulate in the body.

High Fiber Diet

Fiber can prevent constipation (decreased defecation). When one is constipated, he feels bloated as the body is not able to remove waste due to constipation. With fiber, it increases stool movement, decreasing bloated stomach. Fiber also lowers cholesterol; thus decreasing risk for increase blood pressure.

Eat Several Meals a Day

Eating 5-6 small meals a day than eating 3 big heavy meals daily is much better as it allows the body to work at its fullest, giving enough energy to function well and to speed up fat burning process.

Drink Water Often

Drink at least 6-8 glasses/day.

The Exercises

Ways on how to get a flat tummy will include well planned exercise. Exercises such as:

Cardio Exercises

This includes walking, running, jogging, swimming, and tread milling. Do this at least 30 minutes to 1 hour. Increase your intensity when tolerated.

Total Body Work Out With Special Attention to Abdominal Exercises

Abdominal exercises can start from simple to complex. 30 minutes of the abdominal exercise every day with another 1 hour of total body work out in arms, neck shoulders and legs are enough. Never stop once you started an exercise routine. Keep focused and challenge yourself more that you can achieve what you have been dreaming since then.

Oblique Exercise

This is a waist slimmer exercise. Dumbbells or weights can be used when in the gym. When in the house, use curtain rod or broom. How to do it: Simply stand straight and hold the bar or dumbbells in your hands. Twist from left to right side by side. Weight and intensity can be adjusted as you can tolerate it. You can do 3 sets, 15 counts.

Upper Abdominal

How to do it: Lie flat on the floor and place legs up on a chair so that legs are parallel to the floor. Keep legs raised so that upper abs is doing most of the work thus contracting the muscles more. Try to complete at least 3 sets of crunches with 15 repetitions each.

Lower Abdominal

How to do it: Lie on the floor or with foam. Hold on to the foam. Lift your hips up and lower it down slowly with feet not touching the floor. Repeat the step. Do crunches in 3 sets for 15 counts. While going further, you can feel your abdominal muscles contracting.


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