How To Eliminate Belly Fat

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How To Eliminate Belly Fat

Isn’t it ironic when you made everything to eliminate belly fat yet it turned out as a failure? You tried your best not to eat, and you almost killed yourself in the gym doing crunches, yet you lose nothing?

Correct The Misconception

It must be noted that eliminating fats in the specific parts of the body is not achieved through food deprivation and rigid exercises. Instead of losing weight, you are gaining more. Instead of strengthening your body muscles, you are causing body trauma and strain. Remember the rule of thumb: Too much and too less is not healthy.

Doing crunches alone focuses on abdominal muscles. When you only worked out your abdominal muscles for the purpose of eliminating belly fat, you are not going to achieve your goal. Maybe some belly fats are burnt, but getting rid of it totally will not happen. It must be considered that fats are stored almost in any part of the body (buttocks, hips, lower arms). If you focus only on your belly without giving attention to some other body parts, fats will continue to accumulate in your belly.

When some parts of the body are not worked out, fat burning will not happen.
Restriction to diet is the same as do not eat even when hungry. Some people are afraid that when they eat and eat, they will become big. When you eat more fatty, salty and sweet foods, you will become big.

However, when you eat often but you choose the right food, there’s nothing to worry. The more you eat smaller meals, the more your body will burn fats. When you allow yourself to be hungry, you are not giving your body enough nutrients to work properly. Your body becomes starved for calories and begins to store every last calorie and add it up to the existing fat stores. When your body will not work properly, fat burning process will not happen.
Although people have known the importance of diet and exercise, majority fail to know how to do it properly. As such, gaining weight is very common and fat bellies here and there. This article will help you find the right way on how to eliminate belly fat and losing weight respectively. It will not just help you to feel good, but it will help you prevent diseases associated with obesity and belly fat.

Want a Flatter Stomoch?? 


It is important to weight yourself first.

Know your body’s calorie needs by multiplying weight in kilograms by 14.
Measure also your thighs, legs, arms and waist through tape measure. Make sure it’s accurate.

These bases will help you set your realistic and achievable goals. By knowing your weight, you will be aware of your progress daily if you lose or maintain weight. By knowing your body’s calorie needs, you will be able to know what to eat and the needed amount of your body, not more or less than the needed amount. By measuring waist, legs, arms, etc. you will be able to know if you are slowly losing.

Healthy and Balanced Diet

In eliminating belly fat, we are not just talking on abdominal crunches and sit ups. Diet is important but you should not skip any meals no matter what. This is the most important thing to remember; get away with the misconception that diet must be done by not eating.

Eat at least 3 low fat meals a day.

Each meal should have vegetables consisting one quarter of your meal. It must also have meat, another one quarter of your meal, and whole grain consisting one half of your meal.

As much as possible ½ to 1 cup of rice only and drink only water or unsweetened juice.

When you want to eat snacks in between meals, you can, provided that you will only eat nuts, fruits, low fat crackers, oatmeal cookies and other healthy snacks. Forget about quarter pounder burgers, fries, pizza and large soft drinks.

Get rid of too much sugar and salt in your food and get rid of deep fried foods.
Lastly, don’t eat anything after 7:00 at night as foods eaten after the said time will be digested slowly.
Drink tea or water to help you feel full if you’re hungry.

Drink at least 6 to 8 glasses of water per day. It will not only keep you feeling fuller longer, but it will help to keep you from being dehydrated.


Engage yourself into exercise at least 3 to 5 days a week. Make the 2 days as your resting days.
For a start, do some walking around the neighborhood, or jog around your plaza.
If you want to go to the gym, much better. You will be given daily programs not only giving special attention to your stomach but to the whole body. You have to do tread mill and stationary bikes for 30 minutes. After such, you can start your program.
You can do abdominal crunches, sit-ups, weights, and dumbbells for 1 hour. If you also want to do aerobics, you can.

These exercises don’t mean killing yourself as in overworking and overexerting your muscles. Start only the exercises you can tolerate. No ideal sets and counts at first. Just do what your body can tolerate. Eventually, when your strength and flexibility increases, do more sets and you will see the improvement not only to your belly but also in your total body in general.

To eliminate belly fat the natural way can be hard to do but keeping the spirit high will make it easy for you. Keep motivated by being surrounded with families and friends that support you and your goals. When you are not seeing your goals in one or two weeks, do not be discouraged, continue with what you are doing. Have positive thoughts that will keep you excited. Enjoy the beauty around you. The more you are positive, the more you are attracting positive thoughts that will help you to reach your goal.


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