How Long Will it Take to Lose This Weight?

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How Long Will it Take to Lose This Weight?


This question was asked on Yahoo! Answers

“If I exercise and eat right, how long will it take me to lose this weight? Most of my fat is all in my belly.. If I was to drink water constantly do a lot of crunches and walk about 3 miles daily how long would it take me to lose 20lbs?”

Like many of the questions on Yahoo! Answers, this one’s loaded. First, what is “eating right”? To many people that means many different things. Vegetarians think meat is bad for you, but science has proven that’s not the case (in societies that where they don’t eat meat people die much younger and I personally know multiple people who were forced to stop being vegetarian because they were going to die if they didn’t start eating meat). You’ve also got paleo, raw food, etc. I’m obviously not going to go into the details of eating right here because that would make the post WAY too long.


However, I’ve previously reviewed two of my favorite cookbooks which provide you with healthy recipes, and they are a good start for eating right. You can read those reviews here:

Anabolic Cooking & Metabolic Cooking

Next, let’s talk about the fat issue. Where the fat is is almost irrelevant. What really matters is what type of fat it is (visceral, subcutaneous, etc.). Again, that’s outside of the scope of this answer, but the key is that it’s fat and it needs to be burned off.

Finally, let’s talk about the strategy here. Lots of water = excellent. A lot of crunches? Useless. Crunches don’t burn much fat at all, and they’re not even a great exercise for building abs (and it can actually be harmful).

I’ve seen a number of people who claim to do hundreds of crunches/day and their abs are flat as a pancake. I haven’t done sit ups or crunches since elementary school, but I have quite nice abs if I do say so myself (I’ll have to post a picture once I get a new camera). So scrap the crunches and replace them with plank exercises and add a variety of exercises that work your entire body. Preferably include explosive exercises as they are just plain awesome for building functional strength, athleticism and burning lots a fat.

Walking 3 miles is better than nothing, but jogging it is better and running it would be way better. Even better than that though? Hill sprints, wind sprints or even just plain sprints. Fast movements that really get your heart going are much better for conditioning and burn a lot more fat. I actually do 3 mile runs for some middle-distance running training, but the majority of my running is different sprinting exercises and they have been MUCH better for me.

With the current plan, it would probably take quite a long time to burn off 20lbs. I’d guesstimate (assuming an otherwise sedentary life) maybe half a pound to a pound a week.


On the other hand, with my adaptations it would be easily possible to lose 2-4lbs/week, so it would take anywhere from 1-2 months to lose 20lbs of fat.

Key Takeaway – With a good plan it’s generally not too difficult to lose 2-4lbs/week. With a more advanced plan (and more dedication), you can use some more extreme (but still safe and healthy) methods you could lose around a pound a day for about a month. Or, if you follow the general advice of walking a lot and doing a thousand crunches, you can take your time and lose fat really slowly.

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