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Getting Bigger Muscles – Get Big Muscles


So, this week I was trying to find a way to put muscle mass on and not lose weight while I was building my muscle mass.

I did eventually find the right combination to put on muscle mass and get me looking the way I wanted to look. I was fed up with being the little guy, the one all the ladies overlooked as a boyfriend and the one that never got the lady I wanted.

I did the exact same thing you probably did. I bought into all of the mumbo jumbo the muscle mags were telling me to buy. I have spent well over $2,000 to make me more attractive to the ladies, and look better overall.

When I was trying to find my next gimmick to fall for, I came across the Vince DelMonte Fitness website. I started reading through to see what drink, energy bar, supplement or training equipment I was going to have to buy, when I found out that I was an idiot! I fell for everything all those magazines wanted me to fall for.

Hook, line and sinker, they all had me. But not anymore.

After seeing the light that should have blinded me, I was able to change myself and build the muscle I wanted.

It took me about 7 months to get to where I am right now, but I went from 130 pounds with work boots on to 235 pounds with only shorts on! I get the ladies, the looks and the respect I wanted!

It honestly was not as hard as I thought it was going to be. I just had to learn how to workout properly and how to balance my meals to benefit my metabolism. That was it.

Changing my diet was the only thing I was not happy about, but it grew on me over time. Now, when I look in the mirror or go to the club, I know I look good. All eyes are on me and I love it.

No one ever thinks of pushing me around anymore. With my solid body, I’d love to see them try. Vince DelMonte Fitness has changed my life. I am happy now, I have money in my bank account and I look exactly how I always envisioned I would.


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