Get Rid of Beer Belly


Easily Get Rid of Your Gross Beer Belly


It has always been a desire for both men and women on learning how to get rid of beer belly, the problem is, they are good at words yet they do not mean it at all, they have always been saying to work out yet they haven’t done even a single step to do it.

Although beer belly is much more common among men because of their excessive beer drinking, women are also faced with such problem because there have been increased rate of women drinking beer too.

When a beer belly is starting to develop slowly, you are not concern about it at first, but when you look at yourself in the mirror, and you find out that your belly is that of the pregnant women, you suddenly feel the need to get rid of it.

Have a Weird Abdomen?

When you have a beer belly, of course you don’t want it. Some people don’t like the shaky look of their abdomen; others would want to avoid being bullied. However, apart from those 2 reasons, people must know the real deal why they need to avoid it. Having a beer belly or abdominal fat can be a risk factor for diseases such as diabetes (increase blood sugar), heart diseases, increase blood pressure, and increase cholesterol level.

Remember, if your abdomen is becoming more prominent and it is as big as the tummy of a pregnant woman, and then be alarmed that you are in great danger. In this article you will know few things to get rid of those unwanted fats in your stomach.

First of all, you have to bear in mind that positive thoughts can lead you to a great success. When you are about to get rid of beer belly, keep your positive thoughts. Make a commitment to reduce beer belly. Here are some helpful tips.

Yes, You can Lose Weight Overnight… but!


If you’re a man who drinks too much beer lately, and it has been evident in your abdomen, ask yourself, is it not good to look at? Are your pants can’t be buttoned anymore? Are you buying stretchable pants instead? If you really want to get rid of that, get ready to trade in beers to a six pack abs.

Alcohol has calories and little other nutritional value. When alcohol is not taken in excess, it can be helpful in reducing risk of heart diseases. The point here is, limit your usage. It’s okay to have one or two beers a day or two glasses of wine in the evening, but maintain with that amount. Excessive drinking can expand your abdomen wider, it can also increase risk for a fatty liver and causing increase risk of heart disease.

Consult with your Doctor First.

To get rid of beer belly, it’s a good idea to start with a professional to check your health. Have the appointment scheduled with your doctor, particularly if you haven’t been seeing him long time ago. If you know that you have been consuming alcohol on a regular basis, it’s important to check your liver enzymes if it’s elevated and if you have a fatty liver. You may have your blood pressure and blood sugar checked if there’s change. Once you have a clean bill of health, you can get started in taking positive steps to eliminate your beer belly.

The First Steps.

The first thing to do is to limit your alcohol consumption to one to two drinks per day of beer. Do away with the simple carbohydrates and processed foods (preservatives) that lack in nutrients. Resort more with whole grains, real foods with as few additives and extra sugar as possible.
Eat fruits and vegetables regularly. To get rid of a those beer bellies, you just don’t reduce your alcohol consumption but you should significantly eliminate non-nutritious, high carbohydrate and high calories rich food. Restructure your diet plan, go for a vegetarian diet or try to have a low sugar, low calories, low fat, high protein diet.

Time to Get Moving!

This is the time to incorporate some active movements into the plan. Hundreds of crunches are not enough to reduce beer belly, as it will have little effect when you have so much unwanted abdominal fats. As much as you want to develop abdominal musculature, the fatty layers of your tummy will cover them up. As such, the best thing to do is a combination of good cardiovascular and resistance training program to heighten up your metabolism and help you burn more excess fats, thus decreasing your abdominal fat/beer belly.

Make a SERIOUS commitment to exercise five days per week. Rest on weekends to allow your muscle to recover from trauma. Do aerobic exercise at least forty-five minutes, try running, jumping rope, stationary biking and tread milling. Start out slowly, but as it becomes easier for you and your body has adjusted, increase the pace and intensity. Getting rid of a beer belly needs high intensity, fat-burning exercises.

On some days, add into the fitness program strength and resistance training using barbells, weights, resistance bands to build more muscle tissue. This will help burn your fat faster. You can also do abdominal crunches and other abdominal exercises. Increase as well the intensity once tolerated. Continuously to challenge yourself to work harder. Weight everyday to monitor your progress and for motivation. It is much better that you will work out alone for more concentration.

Those are the simple tips on how to get rid of beer belly, decrease beer consumption, diet plan and exercise regularly. You know your belly is cause by beer, so avoid consuming more than what’s necessary. When you are eating too much fats, have a diet plan, and commit to a strict exercise. If you will just follow this routine religiously, you can get rid of your beer belly fast, making you look good and feel better, and above all, you will have a lower risk of chronic diseases as mentioned above. The sooner you take the step to get rid of it, the sooner you can develop a beautiful and healthy body.