Fitness Q&A – How Can I Push Through The Burn?

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Fitness Q&A – How Can I Push Through The Burn?


“How can I push through the burn while working out?

I’m thin and in decent shape but I’d like to tone. My problem is that whenever I work out and start to burn its so painful that I have to stop.

If I wait for it to stop and start exercising again the pain comes back shortly after and gets more frequent. It feels like pins and needles and its brought me to tears.”



When your body tries to tell you something, it’s important to listen. Yes, working out will make you sore. You’ll feel the burn as the lactic acid builds up in your muscles. However, there are many other forms of pain that you shouldn’t be getting while working out.

If you’re feeling pins and needles and it’s brought you to tears, then there is a problem. I obviously can’t diagnose it over the internet, but if you’re in that much pain then you definitely NEED to stop. Your body is telling you something and you need to listen. Instead of trying to figure out how to push through the pain, you should try to determine the underlying cause of the pain.

In this case, I’d recommend going to a doctor because pins and needles bringing you to tears from working out is definitely an issue, and one I’ve never dealt with before.


Moving slightly away from the specific question, let me share a few tips on pain in general when it comes to working out.

Some of the major causes of pain are muscle imbalances, lack of mobility/flexibility and any number of injuries. In the case of injuries, you should get specialized advice. However, the first two are fairly simple to deal with.

With muscle imbalances you can usually see a problem. It’ll show up in your posture, in your lifts, etc. If you lack mobility/flexibility it should be pretty obvious and it’s pretty simple to fix.

There are numerous static and dynamic stretches you can perform on each of the areas you lack mobility. When you perform the stretches, perform them until you feel it stretch, but never push it. If you push too hard, you’ll just hurt yourself and defeat the whole purpose.

Also, avoid “bouncing” with your stretches. You should either be performing smooth, controlled motions (in the case of dynamic stretches) or a static hold (obviously in the case of static stretches)

Key Takeaway – Listen to your body. If you feel pain, unless you really know what you’re doing and you know exactly what’s causing the pain and why, and you know FOR SURE it’s ok to push a little harder, STOP.

That’s your body telling you there’s a problem. I know guys that have detached pecs & biceps from doing stupid things and not listening when their body told them to stop. I’ve also had a few minor injuries that forced me to miss multiple training sessions because I was too stupid to listen to my body.

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