Fasting To Lose Weight

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Fasting To Lose Weight


Fasting to lose weight has always been an idea of many believing that they will get slim and sexy when doing it. It’s as if they do not put anything on their mouth except for water and any forms of liquid. How true is this? Are you sure that if you do not eat you will lose weight? Can someone testify if this really works? As far as health is concerned, fasting is not at all good in every case especially when the only reason for doing it is to look slimmer and sexier than ever.

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Food in both smaller and bigger sense has always been an outlet for many and more like a drug to some, which is why obesity is highly related to depression. When one feels bad, isolated, depressed, frustrated, broken and all other unhealthy emotions, eating is the best breathing space. As this becomes part of your routine, your weight increases and you suddenly find a need to lose pounds of weight. The biggest question is HOW? The natural or the other way?

With so many things people are doing for a living, the only way they can afford to do is fasting. No more time for working out, and no more time to calculate the calories needed by the body. As such, for busy people who constitute majority of the population today, Fasting has been believed to be the best option when time cannot permit them to do the natural way. Truly, fasting for weight loss maybe a popular method among people who want a quick result, but the idea of fasting is not a good option for long-term dieting or weight loss.

Fasting To Lose Weight… Good or Bad?

Fasting in the name of religion, tradition and seasonal holidays are not argumentative. It is to be respected and no one can argue with that. However, specifically speaking, fasting to lose weight means an application of severely and extremely reducing calorie consumption in order to lose weight fast.

What is good about fasting? to lose weight? YES, weight loss can happen, but for how long? Your weight will be regained after resuming a normal eating. What are the other advantages? Fasting will never be good. If you ask for disadvantages, there are a lot.

The power of fasting is not directed in losing weight during the fast, but in the process of learning to gain control of your appetite, which is the REAL problem that is often unseen.

During a fast, the body burns its own fat, when the body burns the fat, the tendency is the body will release chemical compounds called Ketones. Ketones are the source of bad breath.
Fasting can make you fatter because your body’s metabolism slows down because it is not receiving enough nutrients to function.
When the body is not getting any food from you, it will slow down to adjust to the lesser food intake. As such, when you eat more because you are sick of fasting, you will gain weight because the body is now confused as to what pace it can do.
Fasting is detrimental to health because lack of necessary nutrients can lead to several diseases on malabsorption.
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Okay, it sounds good to go without eating for few days and then weight loss is evident, becoming sexy and fabulous you. However, fasting cannot claim all the praises for its effects because at one point, it has a big downside in relation to starvation.

Since fasting is limiting foods rich in calories, you are most likely to experience vitamin deficiency which is a serious health problem especially if fasting is done for a long time. Signs and symptoms of vitamin deficiency can be categorized as to what vitamin is lacking, however, in general, eye, hair, teeth, nail and skin problems may occur. More so, when in certain situation you have extreme lack of calories, you may feel sick, dizzy, depressed, and irritable. Remember, your fasting can affect your day to day activities.

What is Life After Fasting?

After fasting for weight loss, you have to note that while they can lose weight quickly, weight gain is as rapid as how they lose. This is because after fasting, you feel you got out from jail and you are now free to eat anything you want, as such, you will get bigger.

So, what happened? Where are those desired goals? It doesn’t have to be this way. As such, the truth about fasting is telling you to change such habit and start the natural way such as engaging oneself for a more healthy diet and exercise.

Health Warning!!

It cannot be denied that fasting to lose weight pose a great risk to one’s health. When you are obese and overweight, it is best to seek and discuss any diet or fitness program with your physician.

More so, special considerations are given for people who want to add fasting in their life:

Consulting your health care provider first must be done if you are regularly taking any medications, or suffer from any chronic illnesses.
For persons with compromised immune system, those pregnant women, women trying to conceive, and during menstruation, fasting is not highly recommended at all.

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