Exercise To Reduce Waist Size

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Exercise To Reduce Waist Size…

Exercise to reduce waist can help those people solve their problems in dealing with “love handles”, “fatty waist”, bilbil” and all other terms pertaining to a waist that have gone out of shape because of fats. The exercise to be performed is not easily done so guidance from a gym instructor is a must for safety, or consult first with your physician for the proper ways of doing when you want it done at home. The exercise may give you a little pain on the waist, but it is not a contraindication to stop, but it indicates an effectiveness of the exercise.

It is always good to look at a person’s proportionate body, especially when the waist is too small that it emphasizes the normal curve and shape of the body. In such case, people are always fascinated with the idea of having small waist which few people are fortunate to have. A small waist is a big factor in the body; a small waist can indicate sexiness, firmness and good health. A slim waist can get you noticed especially when wearing well fit clothes that the size of the waist is emphasized. How about those having a shapeless and flabby waist? Isn’t it destructing and irritating?

Of course YES! Whether one admits or not, a slim waist is totally different from a larger and flabby waist. A slim waist can give you no worries when going to the beach as you wear your swimsuit; you are not afraid to show off. Shopping for clothes is not also a problem; you always look good and for health reasons, it can help you LIVE longer as person with a waist size more than 40 inches is at increased risk for heart diseases and stroke. More so, a larger and flabby waist can give you problems on what to wear, on how to cover it up, and how to remove and get rid of it. As these are causing strain to the person, exercises to reduce waist have been known today as when these are done regularly and consistently, you will soon see an improvement in the size and even shape of your waist – smaller and slimmer. Such waist will give you the natural grace to your figure which seems so attractive.


Exercise For Waist Reduction…

First of all, one has to understand that focusing only on your waist to correct and improve it will not work. SPOT REDUCTION is not at all effective, and for waist reduction, fat is the culprit why it has something to do with a larger belly, and so it is important to reduce it by reducing total body percentage. Meaning, you have to consider CARDIO EXERCISES. These are total body workouts that can help reduce body fat including fats in your waist. a cardio exercise daily for 30 minutes can be a good starting point. Choose from brisk walking, running, dancing, swimming, bicycling, tread milling, etc.

There are also other exercises specific and directed to waist reduction. The exercise to reduce waist may include:

Exercise 1

Stand with feet apart, with back straight and hands behind the head (clasped) and your feet must be firm on the ground.

Now, twist your waist upwards going to the right, then center and left. Makes sure your back is still straight and feet firm on the ground. Do again the steps in such a way that you are still comfortable doing it. Repeat for 20 times as possible.

Feel that your abdominal muscles are stretched.

Exercise 2

Lie on the floor on your hands and knees. Your back must be straight.

Slowly, lift your right leg out to the side keeping it straight and start moving your legs in a circular motion. Have a clockwise and counterclockwise rotation. Repeat it with your left leg also.
As much as possible, repeat it five times with each leg.

This exercise is moderately difficult and needs an exercise mat.
Exercise 3

Stand up straight with your shoulders slightly move back and feet apart.
Stretch your arms up above the head as far as you can.

Now, twist your whole body to the right as you can without any discomfort at all while your feet firm on the ground all the time.

While on a twisted manner on the right side, bend and touch right ankle with both hands. Keep your legs straight all throughout.

Get back to the starting position and repeat movement this time on the left side.
Repeat the exercise for 20 times as possible.
Exercise 4

Sit on the floor with back straight and arms and legs straight out in front of you.
Your arms must be in a shoulder height.

Keep knees stiff in such position, slowly move forward on your buttocks by lifting right leg about six inches from the ground, and then repeat this time together with left leg alternating each side. Left, right, left, right… and then right, left, right, left…
Do it as many times as you can.

Exercise 5

Stand with your feet apart arms stretched out to the side.
Slowly lift your right leg in such a way that the sole of your right foot will rise above the level of the left knee.

Now, swing right knee to the left side of the body as far as you can while you swing your arms in the opposite direction.

Swing back to the starting position and repeat on the other side.
Repeat exercise for 10 times.
Exercise 6

Lie flat on your back on the floor with arms straight on the side of your body.
Raise the body from the floor as the arms touch the toes.
Repeat for 10 times.
Exercise 7

Stand straight with feet apart and arms stretched out to the side.
Twist from the waist to the left and then bend and touch left foot with the right hand.
Get back to the starting position, and then repeat on the other side.
Repeat as many times as you can.


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