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The site is dedicated to finding the best elliptical machine for your needs. We focus on elliptical reviews so that you can have peace of mind when making your purchase. When using an elliptical trainer you can maximize your workout without the harsh impact and jarring to your joints that you get when running. It gives you the smooth comfort of a bike, but also has the added benefit of weight-bearing and the ability to involve your arms as you exercise, all at the same time, saving you from getting a sore bottom.

There are no other machines that are able to increase your heart rate as well, without creating discomfort and without torturing your body. Even those who have experience with other methods of cardio training, will be amazed at how quickly your heart rate can be elevated when using an elliptical, with what will be perceived as very little stress and effort. The reason this machine is so effective is because of the resistance and total body involvement. With an elliptical, there is a built-in flywheel which compels you to do work, but, at the same time, the design distributes the workload over all major muscle groups within your body. Because of this, there is never too much stress placed on any one area. With your muscle activity increased throughout your body, your heart works at an increased rate. It’s no wonder that the elliptical has become so popular within the fitness world. How does it compare to a exercise bike?

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The price range for elliptical trainers is quite substantial. It can be as little as $99, all away up to the price of a used automobile. At the lowest end of the spectrum, you’ll find elliptical machines that are poorly made, and often will not give you a workout that is comfortable. These lower end machines often suffer from the same four critical problems:

1) The stride shape is often round and humped as opposed to being elliptical (more information in the next section)
2) The stride length is often shortened
3) Resistance is lacking or extremely poor
4) The durability of the machine is usually poor

A great many of the low end ellipticals have stride links that are very short; as little as 10 inches in some cases. When stride lengths are short you are forced to use a peculiar shuffling gait. This makes it difficult to get into a rhythm. Because your range of motion is restricted, your muscle involvement is also reduced.

Due to the lack of resistance offered by these low-end machines, you will not be able to get a good workout. Once you begin to get the slightest cardiovascular fitness, you have reached the end of the potential of this machine. The durability of these low-end machines is the final death note. When you are really using an elliptical, it takes a great deal of punishment.

The lpadower end machines will begin to squeak, break bolts and washers, shred the traveler wheels, and destroy the plastic foot beds, along with other parts, in a very short period of time. Often customer service on these machines is inadequate and getting service and parts becomes very difficult. Elliptical machines, even the small ones, are still big and once it is no longer functional, you are in possession of an extremely large paperweight that will never be used.

Realistically, you’re wasting your money if you really don’t find enjoyment with your workout. If you wish to find a machine that fits your needs and has the correct ergonomics for you, I would suggest a price range somewhere between $500 and $1000. This should give you several machines with levels to meet your fitness needs. If you plan on spending $1000-$2000, you will find machines with better build quality and more sophisticated electronics. Once you reach past the $2000 mark, you begin to have gym quality equipment.

Stride Shape – nothing is more important

The movement of an elliptical is what makes it so special. They have two footpads moving in an elliptical shape; much like you do as you lift your feet when moving forward, while running or walking. Do not confuse this with the circular motion of a bicycle or with the motion would you use when cross country skiing (linear motion). Depending on how the elliptical machine has been made, there is a large range of stride shapes. There are ellipticals that have their footpads connected directly to the flywheel, while others are elongated making your workout feel more like running. These arrangements make the stride shape almost completely circular; not the elliptical shape that is preferable. Because this stride is humped it has a tendency to feel as though you are simply bumping up and down. This configuration has ergonomic disadvantages and it is difficult to get an adequate workout because it is almost impossible to get a good rhythm.

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Elliptical Reviews elliptical trainers guide how to choose

You will find that the better machines have some sort of spacer or track that enables the footpads to be some distance from the flywheel thereby reducing the amount of lift that the footpad is required to make with each stride. Usually these spacers are metal rods that the footpads can be mounted to. Machines with this system allow for an elongated oval stride shape; a true elliptical. This motion is much smoother and is a more natural stride motion, and is why this is the first feature you should look for when purchasing an elliptical bike. You may well be asking yourself, if this is the case, why in the world would anyone manufacturer an elliptical machine that has the footpad directly connected to the flywheel, when performance is obviously so bad? There is a simple answer: in general, ellipticals that do not have spacers are considerably more compact and usually less expensive. A good elliptical is almost never compact (there is a design that uses a side–flywheel that is compact).

Other considerations

Drive System

The drive system of an elliptical trainer can be either rear, front, or center. There are no functional advantages or disadvantages from having one over the other. The only difference that may have some value to you is the fact that front drive elliptical machines will often take up less space. Front and rear drive machines have been on the market for quite some time and have a good track record when it comes to quality. The center drive machines, in comparison are fairly new and not much is known about them yet; we will have to see how they hold up as time goes on.


It is unfortunate that within the fitness industry, customer service is well known to be poor. It is likely that you will have a bad experience if you need to use your warranty for your elliptical. There is a lot that can go wrong with a machine that has so many moving parts and the elliptical is no exception. You should carefully looked over the warranty of each of the machines you are considering, in order to find which brand offers the best warranty on both parts and labor.

Weight Capacity

If you purchase a basic elliptical, it will probably work just fine for all people, up to 200 pounds. Once you get past that weight, you will begin noticing problems with the stride smoothness and probably notice vibrations. Before purchasing, you should take a look at the amount of weight that is listed for each individual machine. A good rule to go by, is to take 100 pounds away from whatever the manufacturer has listed as the capacity, this should get you a more realistic weight capacity. What this really means is, if this machine will be used by someone who is heavier, it would be to your advantage to spend a minimum of $1000 in order to get an elliptical that is heavy duty and able support the heavier weight.

Elliptical Reviews



Sole E95

With lots of programs onboard, excellent warranties, and it’s powered incline the SOLE E95 elliptical is a very desirable piece of equipment; mutually are great features.


This machine is simply awesome. The elliptical reviews from users are excellent. The warranties are very good, the onboard workouts are great, and the features of the solid frame are excellent. To see our complete review simply click here

Sole E35

Sole E35

The single word that will best describe this elliptical trainer is “value.” The E35 does not have footpads that are cushioned, the console is slightly less functional, and the flywheel is a little smaller, but the trade-off for this is you can purchase this machine for $400 less than the E95. The E95 is a superior machine; however, the best value is the E35.

Why have we chosen it as our Best Buy Winner

Firstly, the workout options are awesome!

The stride length is adjustable from 20 inches to 22 inches. It is usually preferred by most people that their trainer have an adjustable stride that can reach 22 inches. It is generally considered that 20 inches is the standard stride length for the majority of ellipticals. However, having the ability to adjust it to 22 inches will allow the machine to be used by a larger range of people and at the same time, have the ability to provide a greater variety of workouts.

It has 16 separate resistant levels enabling you to create any type of workout you may want. 10 preset programs are included; two of these you can set as you see fit.

It’s a great ride!

Awesome workout options

It has an adjustable stride length from 20″ to 22″. Most people prefer to use a trainer which has a stride that can be adjusted up to 22 inches. 20″ is generally the standard stride measurement for an elliptical, but adjusting it to 22″ enables the machine to fit a larger range of users and provide more workout variety.

It also comes with 10 preset programs including 2 which you can set yourself, and 16 different resistance levels to help you on any type of workout you need.

You would be hard-pressed to find any elliptical trainer that is as well constructed as the Sole E35, for only $1299. The machine has a high gear ratio, the braking system is extremely smooth, the frame is sturdy, and the flywheel is relatively heavy. All in all, this machine will give you an outstanding workout, all the while giving you the reliability you want.

You may find that you have some difficulty with the assembling of this machine due to the heavy flywheel. However, since you will be using a trainer that is of really good quality, two hours plus of assembly is a small price to pay. Your total body workout and exercise program will be enhanced as you use the machines’ movable handlebars.

Durable, solid, and stable

This 375 pound capacity machine weighs in at 215 pounds. The ramp angle of the Sole E35 can be changed with the push of a button to the power incline. The maximum elevation of the incline is 30°, which allows you an extended workout option and help you to target various muscle groups.

Excellent warranty

The warranty on this trainer is excellent. The heavy steel frame has a lifetime warranty, and there is, on all parts and electronics, a five-year warranty. The labor warranty is for two years. Sole appears to be trying for quality customer service, although they have had a few problems in the past.

Our overall feeling

The value offered by the E35 is what we like most about this machine. It may not have all the whistles and bells of the more expensive elliptical trainers, but it still offers outstanding performance, has a very good warranty, and a great design.

Best Medium priced

#1 Schwinn 430

schwinn 430

This is a compact elliptical trainer that has a low price. The Schwinn 430 has been built to stand up to years of use, unlike other models in its price range. The 430 has pulse grip monitoring for your heart rate, footpads that are articulated, and has a full stride. This trainer does not have much in the way of programming, making it an excellent option for those seeking a compact elliptical trainer. It is rated to a 275 pound weight capacity.

Pros of the Schwinn elliptical cross trainer

Heart rate sensor – To help with cardiovascular training there are contact heart rate grips.

Articulating foot plates – The user’s natural motion is supported by the pivoting pedals of this elliptical. This is a smart move as it reduces fatigue as you workout.

Full stride – Many users find the 18 inch stride just right.

Cons of the Schwinn elliptical cross trainer

The warranty is substandard – There is only a 90 day warranty on labor. Purchasers do get parts warranted for two years, and the frame for 15 years. Electrical parts have a one year warranty.

Programs – This trainer has only eight levels of resistance and eight programs available.
How did we rate the Schwinn 430 Elliptical overall?

For a compact elliptical at a discount price the Schwinn 430 Elliptical is fairly good. It will allow you to begin your elliptical training without a great deal of expense. Most likely however, you will wish to upgrade to something more challenging in the future.

Best Budget model

#1 Body Max Body Rider BRD2000 Elliptical Trainer with Seat








The makers of this elliptical trainer have included a seat, which allows you the ability to use the machine just like an exercise bike, making this a true 2 in 1 machine.

Because you are getting two machines in one when you purchase the Body Rider Elliptical BRD2000, you are receiving a definite plus over what others provide. You will be saving space in your workout area and still have the ability to accommodate your cardio requirements on two separate levels, all with only one machine.

The seat of this elliptical has the ability to adjust both horizontally and vertically in order to fit your comfort needs.

The Body Max Body Rider BRD2000 Elliptical has some impressive features.

The two-in-one design is patented.

This machine has the ability to be used as either an exercise bike or an elliptical.

The comfort of the user is assured with the ability to adjust the seat

You can adjust the seat both horizontally and vertically in order to accommodate any user with the Body Rider BRD2000.

Tension is easily adjusted

With the simple turning of the knob adjustment, tension is easily achieved.

The Console is easy to read

The basic console of the Body Rider is easy to read and simple to use. From the console, you can read time, distance, speed, and of course, the amount of calories you are burning.

High Momentum Fan

This elliptical has been designed in such a way that as you begin to move faster, there is a greater amount of airflow available to cool your body.

Full review.

#2 Exerpeutic Heavy Duty Magnetic 1000Xl Elliptical Trainer







This is an entry-level elliptical trainer. It provides a dual action workout for both your upper body and lower body through the use of heavy-duty magnetic resistance. The Exerpeutic 1000XL Elliptical Trainer can help you to improve both your endurance and strength.

This machine will provide you with workouts that have been designed to reduce the impact and stress on your joints and knees, all at a reasonable price. You will find a heart rate monitor, plus an easy-to-read LCD display on its basic console.

Ergonomic foot comfort has been designed into the large pedals, which also help to prevent foot slippage. This piece of equipment can be used by anyone up to 325 pounds, making it an excellent choice for everyone.

Top features of the Exerpeutic 1000XL

Dual-Action Workout

With the dual action features, you will be able to work out your lower body and upper body at the same time in order to improve your strength, while doing your cardiovascular routine. Using an elliptical that gives you the zero impact during your workouts and reduces the stress to your large joints and knees is an exceptional way to improve your health.

Dual-Direction Flywheel

Your cardiovascular opportunities can be maximized due to the dual action flywheel. This flywheel is able to run both forwards and backwards, allowing you to exercise all of the major muscles in both the back and front of your legs.

Pulse Pads

You can control your cardio workout by using the pulse pads to monitor your heart rate.


You can achieve maximum workout efficiency by adjusting the tension to any of the eight available levels.

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