Don’t Let Sadness and Sorrow Control Your Life

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Don’t Let Sadness and Sorrow Control Your Life

Sadness , sorrow and rejection , unfortunately, are strong and powerful human emotions that affect every single human being who has ever walked God’s green earth.

There is no denying the fact that you, a friend, a colleague or a loved one, will experience the utter emptiness, loss and despair , that everyone goes through in life.

Everyone, even including you will experience loss sometime during your lifetime with the death and dying of a loved one or a friend from one of your previous successful relationships.

Unfortunately, all human beings experience sadness at various points in their lives.

My Sadness in Losing My Mother

About me , I myself have gone through the very same feelings of sadness and sorrow when my mother died suddenly in 1994.
My parents divorced in 1972, so I did not really grow up knowing my mother since I was only 12 when my parents separated.

It wasn’t until I was married and was accepted into graduate school at Penn State University in 1994, that my mother (who then lived in Saudi Arabia), was once again in contact with my brothers and I.

October 16, 1994….I received the phone call from my brother informing me that my mother died suddenly in Saudi Arabia. She was supposed to fly out to visit us here in the US the day after she died, flying out from Saudi Arabia to join my brothers and I and our wives for an early Christmas get together in October 1994. It never happened…

When my mother suddenly died, a flood of emotions flooded my mind; anger, sadness, loneliness and a utter deep sense of loss and abandonment. However, my hope and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, was and still is my ROCK of security in a very insecure world. God is the only one who can give you the inner peace and contentment that ONLY HE is able to provide.
Nobody in your life is able to meet that heart-felt aching need than God Himself. Allow Him to comfort your heart, as you heal emotionally and grow from this experience. Search the scriptures found only in the bible for the wisdom, and truth that only He can provide. 1 Peter 5-7 “Cast all your worries and cares upon HIM for He cares for you.”


Sometimes, the pain and hurt is so unbearable that you may need to join a support group for support. Don’t get confused with support groups, I’m not talking about psychological counseling such as with alcoholics and other addictions , this is different. There are various support groups internationally that address many issues on a community support level.

These types of support groups can be very helpful during your initial stages of grieving and loss that you are experiencing and can lend support, advise, and direction during this period of your life that you are experiencing with your sadness and sorrow.


Another suggestion is to get involved in your local church, parish, synagogue, community center or civic center.

There are many activities/events that these organizations do daily and are always looking for volunteers and helpers.

You no doubt have a passion, a cause for which you believe in strongly. Why not put your passion and energy to work by helping out with a community or church related program that you feel strongly?

Getting involved with outside activities or events, is healthy from an emotional frame of reference, as you are moving on with your life, getting involved with other activities, which helps to relieve the pain, sorrow, and sadness you are going through.


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