Dieting For A Slimmer Amazing Body!

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Dieting For A Slimmer Amazing Body!


There are several weight loss diets that would help you to lose several pounds in the shortest period possible. These diets have to be taken after an examination by your physician and given a go ahead. It should be embarked on by people who are healthy and have no medical complications. Otherwise these drastic weight loss diets may be detrimental to your health.

There is a drastic weight loss diet which does not allow one to consume any salt at all for a period not exceeding two weeks. It should not exceed two weeks because there are nutrients important in the body which can be found in salt alone. It aims at reducing any excess amount of water that is usually retained in the body. It is especially useful to those people whose body retains a lot of water.

Results should be seen by the end of or before the two weeks. After two weeks you must not continues with it no matter what.

There is also another diet that involves drinking a lot of juice from cabbages. Under no circumstance should this diet go for more than seven days.

Results should be seen immediately. It is a drastic weight loss diet that the results should be seen in those seven days or before. The high fiber content in the cabbage is the one meant to keep you full for a longer period hence limiting your intake. Small servings of meat and fruits can be given to you but the main component of this diet is the special cabbage soup you must take with every meal.

Another drastic weight loss diet is one where a lot of water is taken. A glass of water should be taken before every meal or snack so as to ensure that it fills you halfway hence limits your intake of food. A minimum of two liters of water should be taken daily. You should take more than three days while you are still on this diets the results should be very fast.

Actually in a day or two. However,don’t make the mistake of substituting meals with water. This water helps in aiding digestion. It helps to clear the digestive system and remove unwanted toxins from the body. Frequent urination can lead to losing important nutrients from the body; hence a multivitamin should be taken so as to replace lost nutrients.

One more drastic weight loses diet in the maple syrup diet or also known as the lemonade diet. A combination of maple syrup, cayenne pepper, lemonade juice and water are put together. While taking this diet no solid food can be consumed. Despite this diet being for weight loss it also a cleanser. Eight to twelve glasses of this juice should be taken on a daily basis. Laxative tea which is also herbal should be taken twice a day and at times a salt water flush can be incorporated in this diet. It should be taken for a very short period with the maximum being two days.

All these diets can help in losing weight very fast but they should be taken with caution.

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