Crunches For Ultimate Abbs

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Crunches For Ultimate Abbs

This is an exercise I typically do twice a week with my Ultimate Six Pack Program, and it works perfectly for me. This is a great exercise that targets all of your abdominal muscles at once, which is why I love this exercise.

I typically combine this exercise with three other powerful abdominal exercise to turn it into an Ultimate Workout, but performing this exercise alone is also good. One thing with this exercise is that you have to have a sturdy bench or chair to be able to balance yourself on.

I recommend a workout bench that allows space for you to lean back and also place all of your balance on the bottom portion of your lower back. I also highly recommend you look at the weighted variation, because I only perform this exercise as the weighted variation and it works your core much harder.

With that little introduction, let-s jump into the Straight Leg Crunchers.

Weighted Variation:

-Hold a 25 lb. weight (for beginners) or a 45 lb. weight (for advanced) just above your stomach area

-Or instead of holding it the entire time, place the weight on your lower torso area during the exercise

Targeted Stomach Area:

-Upper abdominals area

-Lower Abdominals area

-Oblique abdominals or Love Handles

Designed For:


-Blasting abdominal fat around your entire stomach

-Developing a strong, chiseled midsection

-Building permanent strength in your core abdominals

-Getting rid of those pesky “love handles”


1. Find a sturdy bench you can sit at the edge of, and maintain good balance

2. Sit on the edge of the bench so that everything below you lower back is off the bench and you are using your middle-lower back to maintain balance along the edge of the bench

3. Now lift your legs off of the ground and extend them straight out in front of you so that your body forms somewhat of a 45 degree angle

4. Your butt and everything under your lower back should be off the bench in front of you and you should be maintaining balance using your middle-lower back as a pivot point and the strength of your abdominals to keep good balance

5. You’ll know when you’re in the right position because your abs will feel extremely tight no matter what you do

6. Now with your legs extended in front of you, take the 45 lb. weight and lay it along your abdominals area

7. The weight should be positioned in such a way that it pushes against your abdominals almost forcing you to lay down if you were to give out all abdominal strength

8. You’ll know when its positioned right when you’re pushing against the weight to keep your upper body sitting positioned up and stable

9. With your weight along your abdominals and your legs extended, begin to open and close your legs

10. Spread your legs out as far as they can go and then bring them back in

11. Each time you bring them out & in together, that’s just on rep.

12. Do about 25 reps or 4-5 sets of 5


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