Common Knee Injuries

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Common Knee Injuries


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Types of Knee Injuries

Acute Knee Injury – This is an injury that happens instantaneously, contact (generally unpreventable) or non-contact (generally do to weak muscles, joints, etc.).

Chronic Myofascial Injury – Chronic knee pain due to poor tissue

Chronic Joint Injury – Chronic knee pain generally resulting in arthritis or deterioration of cartilage

Common Knee Injuries

Common Acute Knee Injuries – There are two categories of acute knee injuries: contact & non-contact. Contact knee injuries are obvious – the ones where you get hit in the side of the knee and it can’t handle it. No amount of preparation can prevent these injuries once a certain amount of force is applied.

The non-contact injuries happen when you’re doing something like running and you try to cut the opposite direction and your knee can’t handle it and gets injured. This is preventable and only occurs when your muscles & supporting structures of the knee are not as functional, strong or mobile as they could/should be.

Common examples are ACL & meniscal tears.

Common Chronic Myofascial Knee Injuries – Chronic myofascial knee injuries are the second most common type of knee injury in younger populations and are caused by ineffective movement strategies or repetitive overuse (commonly known as overuse injuries).

A great example is the common “lateral knee pain”, which is caused by excessive tension in the tissue.

Common Chronic Knee Joint Injuries – Chronic knee joint injuries are more often seen in older populations or people who have had knee pain/trauma for years. In the case of an ACL tear, the probability of arthritis greatly increases.


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