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Choleslo reviews


Made by Health Media, Inc, Choleslo is an all-natural supplement that not only lowers cholesterol but also regulates lipid levels in the blood stream and cleanses the liver so it is more effective in metabolizing fat and improves its function.

This product was developed by Dr. Sam Robbins under his belief that high cholesterol was not the result of an unhealthy lifestyle but a combination of family history and the aging process that we all go through. When we age the body stops producing hormone effectively. This decrease starts to affect organ functions. Choleslo has been formulated to return hormone levels to a healthy balance and improve cardiac function.

Do Consumers Recommend Choleslo?

choleslo natural supplement choleslo natural supplement

For consumers that had cholesterol levels over 200 most of the users that reviewed Choleslo all recorded a drop in cholesterol within the first 6 weeks of use. Users of Choleslo also decided to have their cholesterol checked prior to taking this product for a direct comparison as a result of taking the supplement.

There were no reported side effects from taking Choleslo pills either unlike prescription statins drugs that cause body aches and pains. Many of the reviewers also stated that they had not made any significant changes in diet or lifestyle when they were trying this product, further proving its favorable results.

How Did It Rate Overall?

One consumer review site aggregated their product ratings and gave Choleslo a score of 4 of out a possible 5 stars. Out of all the consumer reviews, the majority individually rated Choleslo at either 4 or 5 stars. Most were impressed with how quickly it worked, while others felt good about trying it because it had a money-back guarantee. Those who had taken statin drugs prior to taking this product were all happy to report that it was just as effective and did not have the same side effects as prescriptions such as Lipitor or Crestor.

Was There Anything Negative in The Reviews?

There were very scant reviews that rated Choleslo poorly. Of the consumers that did not give this supplement a good score, the common thread was that they claimed that it was not effective at lowering their cholesterol. It is hard to say why these were the results that they reported as some consumers did not say how long they were taking Choleslo before reporting disappointing results. Like any other diagnosis that requires a lifestyle change, you cannot take a supplement and continue with eating an improper diet and expect it to work miracles.

No medication or supplement will do that for you. Anyone with high cholesterol will need to make adjustments to their lifestyle if they hope to achieve optimal cholesterol numbers.

What Do Doctors Say About This Product?

Review sites claim that Choleslo is doctor endorsed for use in lowering cholesterol. That is a pretty strong statement, especially for an all-natural product. Typically these kinds of supplements have largely inflated claims that are followed up by doctors warning their patients not to take anything other than the medications that they have prescribed for your condition. Choleslo is different. Unlike other so-called natural remedies, Choleslo is actually packed with the ingredients that doctors have been recommending to their patients for years; ingredients, such as garlic, red yeast, and Co-Q10. Taken individually, these have been proven in medical studies to have benefits to reducing cholesterol. The problem is, overusing any one of these individual ingredients is hard on the body and can interact with other prescription medications. Choleslo uses a powerful combination of ingredients with a formula that is as safe as it is effective.

The Money-Back Guarantee Plus $100 Bonus?

Dr. Sam Robbins is recorded right on the website stating that if your cholesterol is not lowered by at least 30 points in 30 days they will not only refund your money but they will pay you an additional $100 dollars on top of your refund. He is so sure that Choleslo will work for you that he backs it up with a guarantee plus benefits. With a promise like this one, it is well worth the evaluation to see if this will work for you.


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