Burning Fat in the Gym

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Burning Fat off the Abbs in the Gym

Want some great looking abbs?

Burpees are one of those exercises that most people have heard of, but don’t exactly understand the concept of. These are perfect for home six pack abdominal workouts because you can do these right off the couch when you’re feeling unfit. Fitness individuals and experts love this core exercise not only because it works your entire core but because it develops six pack abs through rapid movement.

This is an aerobic exercise and six pack abdominal exercises combined into one, so essentially your sort of destroying body fat while developing muscle in your abdominals at the same time. This will promote faster six pack abs and an easier time reaching those Fitness results you’ve been dreaming of.

Weighted Option For Extra Difficulty:

-Wear ankle weights that drag you down and take more strength

-Hold a light weight in hand as you perform each movement

-Wear a weighted vest to make it Ultimately harder

Target Stomach Area:

-Upper Abdominals Area

-Lower stomach region

-Entire abdominal fat

-Entire core hidden under rectus abdominus muscles

Designed For:

-Strengthening entire inner core for maximum toning

-Toning upper and lower abdominals fast

-Burning calories and increasing body fat loss




1. Start in the position you would for push-ups with a flat back

2. Pull your knees into your chest very quickly using your core strength

3. Stand up from that position and jump up, reaching your hands to the ceiling

4. As you land from that jump, “fall” back into the push-up position

5. As you fall into it, extend your legs out again and repeat the process

6. Repeat this process for 25 reps. or until muscle exhaustion


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