Approved Supplements

My Approved Supplements List


I’ve made comments on what I think of supplements a few times, and although I generally believe that they are a waste of time & money, for some people they do have benefit, as long as they remember that the purpose is to supplement an existing program, not become a program.

But to respect the people who would like to know what supplements will help them, I’ve compiled a list of supplements that I approve, and a brief description of when they would be useful:

Homemade Supplement Secrets – This guide shows you how to make your own highly effective supplements at home. It includes a list of what you need and where to get it at ridiculously cheap prices so you basically get your supplements for pennies on the dollar.

Cravers – One of my favorite things from Prograde. As mentioned above, I’m picky about what I eat. I love food, and so most health bars taste like garbage. Prograde Cravers was the first thing I bought from Prograde, and I have to say that I was quite happy with them.

There was just one problem – my brother and I ate the whole box in two days. We’re young, we have high metabolisms, and we eat constantly. So while we were playing video games, driving around and whatnot, the box just sort of disappeared.

That speaks to how good they are I think. I’ve held off buying them for a while because they’re not cheap if you’re going to eat them all in a day or two (well they’re not cheap), but they are healthy and they do taste quite good – especially for a health bar.

Krill Fish Oil – There’s a whole bunch of benefits of taking these, including reduced risk of a lot of health problems and to be honest if you’re going to take any supplements, this is the first on my list and the one I believe should be your first go-to supplement.

Metabolism Boosters – Prograde Metabolism boosts your metabolism (kind of obvious huh?), helping you burn more calories from fat and burn extra calories throughout the day without increased exercise. Remember though, this is to supplement an already good plan. It’s not magic and it won’t make up for a bad lifestyle.

Prograde VGF 25+ for Women & Prograde VGF 25+ for Men – This is basically a multivitamin that’s been improved with better (non-synthetic) ingredients that will do more good for you than the regular multivitamins you find in store shelves.

If you’re already taking a multivitamin, I personally would switch to the Prograde multivitamin as I personally feel the cost is worth it, but that’s a personal opinion and I know a lot of people are happy with their current multivitamins, so if that’s you – all the power to you. 🙂

Protein Powder – Personally, I hate the flavor of every protein supplement I’ve ever had. I’ve heard a lot of people say that Prograde’s tastes great, but everything I’ve tried it in has this nasty aftertaste. Maybe I’m just picky (probably), maybe I got a bad batch (I highly doubt it), but I didn’t like Prograde Protein.

I won’t argue with the benefits of it, and I keep hearing from people that it tastes great, but I can’t claim that it does because to me – it’s gross.

Prograde Workout – The obvious time to use this is when working out. You can use pre and/or post workout, depending on how much of this stuff you want to go through and how fast you’re trying to get results.

I’ve personally only ever used it post workout, but that’s just because I don’t have any goals I’m trying to reach, I’m just experimenting with my body to see what kind of results I get when I try different things.

Lean Meal Replacement – Personally I’m not a fan of meal replacements. I just don’t think you can replace good old food. Plus I love food and I love eating, so it seems silly to me to replace my food with a pill or powder or whatever.

I’ve also noticed that whenever I take meal replacements, I take them and then I still eat a regular meal…so that kind of kills the effects of them.

However, I know people who do use them because they don’t have time/don’t like to cook or eat and so they take meal replacements. I would only recommend max of once or twice a week though – they are better than not having any food, but they don’t replace food.

These last few supplements I haven’t tried yet, but I like the company so I’m including them:

BCAAs – Branched chain amino acids are the big thing right now. I don’t think they’re that big of a deal – people say they’re the best part of protein, so why the heck don’t I just have my protein (it’s so much cheaper usually).

But if you’re looking for BCAAs, I’d recommend Prograde as they’re a great company.

Fusion Sports Drink – Yet another sports drink hits the market. This is a fairly new Prograde product, and I haven’t tried it yet (not big on sports drinks), but it’s not loaded with sugar like most drinks and it actually seems to benefit you based on a quick look at the ingredients.

They say it tastes great, but they say that about all their stuff and I think their protein tastes nasty, so I don’t know. Guess I’ll have to order a box and see how it tastes.

Longevity – I’m a guy who’s almost 21 (August 17 – a month and a half) and looks 16/17 years old. Salesman, mormons and other religious types show up at my door and ask if my parents are home. When I was a manager at McDonalds at the age of 17, I had one new employee ask me how old I was and he told me he thought I was just a really tall (6’2) 14 year old.

I’ve got some sort of built in anti-aging thing going on inside of me, so I can’t speak for any anti-aging pill. However, I like Progrades other stuff, so I approve this one simply because I trust the company.

And that’s my list of approved supplements. I’ll update it if I find more that I approve, but essentially Prograde Supplements and Homemade Supplement Secrets are the two sources I recommend for supplements (but only if you have your exercise & diet in check!)