Anabolic Cooking Review

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Anabolic Cooking Review


I just wanted to give a shout out to my buddy who just put up a blog on Dave Ruel’s Anabolic Cooking cookbook.

You can check it out here:

Anabolic Cooking

Since this post has got a little more interest than I expected, I felt I should also post my own quick review of Anabolic Cooking.

What I Like About Anabolic Cooking:

The recipes are delicious – Seriously, I love them. And they’re not “health food” delicious (like “oh, they taste pretty good for a health food”), they are actually delicious.

Nutritional Information is Provided – This is something that sets Anabolic Cooking apart from all the other cookbooks I have. Even healthy recipe books don’t seem to include the nutritional information, but Anabolic Cooking has the info with each recipe. Pretty sweet if you ask me.

The Recipes Are Easy to Make – You don’t have to be a great chef to make these recipes. I’ve got a number of cookbooks that don’t ever get used because it takes way too much work or skill to make the recipes, and a great chef I am not (though I’m great with a BBQ)

Many Of the Recipes Take Only Minutes – If you need to make something quick, there are a number of recipes that take only a few minutes to make. That’s something I’m VERY fond of. I hate cooking for hours, so having something I can make quickly that’s still healthy is wonderful.

LOTS Of Recipes – 200 recipes is quite a few. I still haven’t tried them all (don’t know if I ever will), and there’s plenty of choices so you can keep meals exciting.

The Recipes Are Great for Building Muscle – Which is what they’re made for. If you’re trying to build muscle, these recipes are great.

What I Don’t Like About Anabolic Cooking

There’s really only one thing I wasn’t too fond of and that was the post workout shakes. I didn’t really find them all that enjoyable – I’ve never really found protein shakes taste very good…maybe I’m just picky?

I have probably 100 cookbooks/recipe books, and I only ever use about 5 of them (and then a few recipes here and there from other books that I’ve put onto que cards. Anabolic Cooking & Metabolic Cooking are probably my two favorites out of all my cookbooks.


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