Aerobic Exercise for Optimal Aerobic and Cardiovascular Health

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Aerobic Exercise for Optimal Aerobic and Cardiovascular Health


Aerobic exercise, as you may know is not only beneficial to you regarding your aerobic health but also for your over all cardiovascular health as well.

Having a Masters Degree in Health Education from Penn State University, I am keenly aware of the health benefits of aerobic exercises training.

Having spent my early professional career goals developing, implementing and assessing health education and wellness programs that emphasized aerobic exercise, I know the overwhelming health benefits of aerobic exercise, and the positive impact on the quality of life that it can play

As an active runner since 1978, jogging 10 miles 3-5 times a week and having entered and completed 3 marathons in the top 30%, I can comment positively on the benefits of cardio fitness and cardio vascular health exercise in general.
So I do have just a tad bit of experience in the area of cardiovascualar health and cardio-vascular exercise. You can read more about me here.

Do you have specific fitness goals , weight loss goals , or nutritional health goals you would like to see happen?

What about specific cardio-vascular exercises, or aerobic conditioning that you would like to set goals for yourself? Remember, with any cardio fitness or cardio-vascular program that you decide to embark upon-you need to make sure that you check first with your medical doctor to make sure you are in tip top shape form to begin such aerobic exercise or aerobic training program.
Which Cardio-Vascular Health and Cardio-vascular Exercise Program is Right For You?

Cardio-vascular Health and Cardio-vascular training can really be broken down into four primary aerobic exercise or aerobic training regimens:


walking, jogging, running, and home gym exercise systems equipped to provide the user with cardio exercise, aerobic exercise, and aerobic conditioning programs.

Walking is probably the easiest of all cardio-vascular exercise programs or aerobic training programs that you can do. After all everyone of use walks (unless those who have disabilities).
The point is-walking is the most natural form of cardio-vascular exercise that you can probably do. In human societies people walk almost everywhere every single day.

You may want to join a walking club, or you can begin walking with a friend or your spouse. Start slowly at first if you have been inactive, and then gradually increase your distance maybe up to 30 minutes to a an hour.

The point is to begin now and develop a routine. If you’re going to be walking for aerobic conditioning or cardio-vascular exercise, you will need to invest in a decent pair of

New Balance Walking shoes which there are many excellent walking shoes to choose from.

I can personally recommend from my experience that you use New Balance. New Balance in particular-I have been using for over 20 years now in my running and also have owned several pair of walking shoes as well. Their quality of shoe for both walking and running are second to none. You can purchse directly from here:

New Balance Walking shoes


Running is another form of excellent cardio fitness that I can heartedly recommend from my own 31 years personal experience running 3-5 times a week, for approximately 10 miles total duration that I currently do. I highly recommend New Balance men and women running shoes which I have been using for over 20 years.

Whether you’re deciding to take up running or walking for your own personal weight loss goals or for your personal fitness goals ,is not so much important as beginning now to start somewhere on your cardio exercise program. Whether you decide to walk, jog or take up dance aerobics , the important thing is to begin NOW

Always remember-its not the distance in miles or kilometers that you walk or run daily or weekly, but how often you repeat the exercise that counts-walking and running.

There are many excellent running sources including marathon training for beginners , if you’re a seasoned runner and you want more of a challenge in your running regimen, or if you’re beginning jogging and running as a novice or beginner, who is just learning the basics of proper training for jogging and running.

Home Gym Systems


The third component for aerobic conditioning or aerobic exercise equipment are the eliptical cardio exercise systems.

These exercise machines are free-standing platform exercise machines such as the types of machines that emphasize cardio exercises but are very low impact, compared to walking or running.

You just need to have the self discipline , the self motivation , a positive attitude mindset, and to develop the hope and faith in yourself and in God not to quit and submit to your failures.

Remember, the biggest room in the entire world is the room for self improvement , and self improvement is something all of mankind need more of in our lives.

Your Ability is only Limited by your Inability to Take Action…


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